The Fontaine Flier

September 4, 2015

You Are So Awesome!!! Thank you!

Thank you so much for the quick response to the Shiloh permission request. I WAS IN HEAVEN as I constantly heard students say, "The book is way better than the movie!" They all really loved reading Shiloh and we had a great discussion today about how the movie was different and why the movie producer chose to add certain scenes and change others. Shiloh is one of my favorite books because it always hooks all kids on reading. You should read it!

The Leader in Me-8 Habits of Highly Effective and Happy Kids

This week in social studies we started our Leader in Me program. I LOVE this program!!!! Leader in Me is based on Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and helps kids develop 21st century leadership and life skills.

21st Century Leadership and Life Skills

  • Leadership
  • Responsibility
  • Accountability
  • Problem Solving
  • Adaptability
  • Communication
  • Initiative and Self-Direction
  • Creativity
  • Cross-Cultural Skills
  • Teamwork

For the next couple of weeks, in the beginning of social studies class, we will be focusing on Habit 1 — Be Proactive

You're in Charge

I am a responsible person. I take initiative. I choose my actions, attitudes, and moods. I do not blame others for my wrong actions. I do the right thing without being asked, even when no one is looking. I make good choices that help avoid stress or problems later on.

ACES - A Constructive Response Writing Strategy

Many assessments require students to answer a question by writing a short response. These are also known as constructive response questions.

This is an area that is challenging for students and the ACES strategy helps students write better responses which will score higher on assessments.

What does ACES stand for?

A-Answer the Question

(In a complete sentence that ties in part of the original question.)

C-Cite Evidence directly from the text (using text evidence prompts)

E-Expand your answer by providing more information to back up your answer.

S-Sum it up/Wrap it up with a concluding sentence.


We will be working hard on this skill over the next several months. If you notice that your child is working on constructive response questions at home, please feel free to help them with this wonderful strategy.

Writer's Notebook Decorating Day! Friday, September 11

We will be personalizing our Writer's Notebooks on Friday. Students are encouraged to bring in photos of family, pets, friends, hobbies, etc. They can bring in scrapbook paper, stickers, words cut from magazines, pictures cut from magazines, photographs, drawings they have made, etc.

No spelling next week due to the short school week. Happy Labor Day!

No School- Monday, September 7

New Book Orders

I just received a couple new book orders. They have some great books in them so I will send those home next week. The deadline for these orders will be Wednesday, September 16. Checks can be made out to Scholastic or you can order online. I will include the online info with the book order forms. Once I place the order, the books usually come in 3-4 days.

Coming Up Next Week

Social Studies

Native Americans- People of the Eastern Woodlands, Plains and Northwest Coast. We will we sharing our paper slide videos, making Poplets on the iPads to organize our Native American information, and making totem poles!

Thanks again for all the shoeboxes!


Finishing up Shiloh discussion/ characterization/character traits/theme/Writing constructive responses using ACES

We will be starting our first Journeys Story- A Package for Mrs. Jewels

Skills- point of view & irony ( both tricky skills). Students will have to know first person, second person, third person omniscient.

Writing-transition words-How did the Chicken Cross the Road writing piece/point of view fairy tales

Focus on using transition words, strong verbs, voice, word choice, and point of view.

Math-Study guide will come home Tuesday and the test over Topic 2 (adding and subtracting decimals) will be Wednesday.


No test next week.

I will be out of the building on Thursday, September 10 for a math committee meeting.

I will still be checking e-mails throughout the day.

Thank you so much for sending in candy and other goodies for the students to purchase with their class cash.

They love to shop....or is it the candy???

Band/String Days

Strings-A,C, every other E day

Band-B, D, and every other E day

Wow! (Word of the Week) Perspicacious


having keen mental perception and understanding

...if you use a word 13 times it will stick in your vocabulary! Each week I will teach the kids...and parents (if you want) a new big word to throw out in a conversation and "wow" the people around you!

Friday Weekly Reflections

Every Friday students fill out a weekly reflection. I will also use this reflection to give my feedback and make comments about the week. (Usually all positive. If there is something concerning, I will e-mail you.) I was requiring students to get a parent signature and return the forms by Tuesday. You no longer have to sign and return. If this is something you want to see, it will go home every Friday. :)

Reflection sheets no longer need to be signed and returned. :)