What type of fishing do i do?

When I fishing, I usually fishing on the River. But, when I can I fishing in ponds and even lakes.

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What equipment do I use?

Well, it just depends on where I am fishing at. With river fishing, you definitely need a river pole, usually its like 10 ft. In a pond or even a lake, i am fine using just a normal, small pole that fits me. I use worms a lot, and chicken liver, and lures.

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What are some hot spots? Why do the fish like the special places?

None of the places are really special where I go. The river is probably my favorite hot spot though. The fish like it because of the wide area they have to themselves, and usually more food resource.

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What rules do you have to follow where you fish?

Dont Eat IT! It’s not really a rule, but it is a wise choice. On tournaments, you can not use any special bait that would give you an unfair advantage.

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What is catch and release?

When you catch the fish for pure sport, and once you reel it in, and take the weight, take the picture or whatever you’re wanting to do, you release it back in the water.

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What can fishing teach us about nature?

That you need to be kind to all animals. Also, you need to appreciate the little things in life.

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