Study Guide

(safety-1.3 quiz)


Before the Lab:

-Make sure goggles are on (kept on until instructed to take them off)

-Make sure your hair is completely tied up and out of the way

-Make sure sleeves are rolled up

-Make sure your apron is on

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Safety Equipment

-fire extinguisher

-fire blanket

-eye wash/ shower


-Never taste chemicals

-Always waft liquids (to detect odor)

-Never waft solids/ powders

-Avoid touching chemicals

-Always wash hands with soap and water after labs

-If chemicals touch skin (wait 1 min AND notify Mr. Leeds)

IBiS Lab "Safety" Videos: Wafting
Nurse: ext: 2828


-Hot glass and cold glass look the same

-Never use chipped or broken glass

-tell Mr. Leeds and dispose of broken glass in proper trash

-Never use force to remove or insert glass

Alcohol Burners

-Roll up sleeves, put UP long hair, NOT just pull back (or u cannot do lab)

-Never walk away from a lit burner

-Never point the open end of a hot test tube at yourself or someone else

-Do not look down into a tube/ beaker while it is being heated

-Make sure burner is capped and flame is out when done

End of Experiment

-Clean-up area & materials completely (or you lose points)

-Make certain that the burner is out if one was used

- Keep goggles on (over eyes) until Mr. Leeds says to put them away

Lab: Reaction in a bag

- Purpose: to record the observations that occur when multiple chemical substances are combined and to use our observations to understand the reactions of the chemicals


Red liquid:

-Phenol red: used as a ph indicator (below 7 turns yellow above 8 turns pink)

Substance A:

-Calcium chloride: mildly acidic (hydrotropic- absorbs water): uses canned veggies

Substance B:

-Sodium Bicarbonate: not acidic (baking soda)

Lab: Heating and Baking soda