Ms. Simmons' Spot

Week of September 21, 2015

Important Dates

MAP Testing

Tuesday September 22

Friday September 25

Kindergarten Color Days

Monday- Brown

Tuesday- Orange

Wednesday- Black and White

Thursday- Pink and Grey

Friday- Rainbow colors

Upcoming Events

  • September 28-October 2- Book Fair at Ebinport
  • October 2- Run-A-Thon Pep Rally
  • October 2- 6:30 Family Movie Night
  • October 2- 9:00 AM Terrific Kid Ceremony
  • October 15- School Picture Day (Individual and Group)
  • October 16- End of 1st 9 weeks
  • October 16- Fun Run Collection Date
  • October 20- Ward 2 Elections at Ebinport (Media Center Closed)

What we are learning this week!


This week we will begin multiplication. It would be great if you would have your child practice basic multiplication during free time to freshen up those great math skills!


We are continuing working on theme! When talking to your child after reading or watching a movie see if they can figure out the overall theme or message of the story! Remind them its what the author wants us to learn from experiencing the storyline!


We will be finishing up our weather unit this week!! Have students look over weather notes to help prepare for the test!

Social Studies

We are continuing our learning about the groups of people who settled the different regions of North America. This week will cover the Great Plains and the Northwest regions. Students will research the daily life and different tribes of Native Americans who lived in each of these regions!.

Word Study

  1. every
  2. use
  3. between
  4. own
  5. below
  6. high
  7. near
  8. foam
  9. float
  10. toad
  11. coat
  12. rode
  13. stone
  14. close
  15. chose
  16. associative
  17. commutative
  18. identity

Teacher Tidbits

Please take a moment to complete this brief survey on Parent Workshops to vote on the topics, dates and times that work best for your family. Our class is competing to win a popcorn party for whoever gets the most surveys completed, so be sure to complete your survey!