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Qi Gong Practitioner for People & Animals, Certified Internal Martial Arts Instructor, Animal Communicator, Writer

Confident and calm people care for one another with an open and happy mind.” Qi Gong Grand Master, Ou Wen Wei, October 2016

Our local Pangu Shengong community has had something brewing for quite some time. We are finally happy to announce that we have formed a 501c3 nonprofit corporation called the Golden Hill Charity.

Golden Hill’s mission provides at risk youth and their families with Pangu qi gong, tai chi, yoga, and meditation instruction and services
. Our group of certified instructors can’t wait to provide these wonderfully healing coping skills to underserved children and their families. Our goal is that these exercises and healing modalities become empowering life-long habits for those we help.

These practices are currently limited in access to specific socioeconomic groups due to their cost and practice locations. We want to remove that barrier, allowing more people to learn and enjoy the powerful and often times life changing benefits they provide. We strive to be the change. We strive to make a huge difference. We strive to change our community for the better one heart at a time.

We need your help to kick off our mission! Please sponsor our Qi-Gong-A-Thon on Saturday, October 28th. Our local community will come together at Pullen Baptist Church's chapel to practice, with open hearts, qi gong, tai chi, yoga and meditation from 9 am - 12 noon.

At 1 pm, EVERYONE please join us at Trophy Brewing on Maywood where DJ Kindness will spin smooth grooves at our HEART & SOUL After Party. Tasty local beer will flow and a food truck will fill our bellies.

What in the world are we thinking? Will this work? YES, we are determined to succeed and a similar nonprofit is already doing about the same work with great success in inner city Baltimore! Check out this inspiring video. Do ya’ need a tissue after that?

  • Gather some sponsors and participate for up to three hours if you know any qi gong meditation, tai chi, or yoga!
  • Donate, Sponsor!
  • And, of course, join us for the after party at Trophy Brewing on Maywood!

Look out for details next week on how to donate. Every Dollar Counts. No donation is too small. Help us spread love and kindness; our community, country and world are in desperate need of good vibes.

I’m so excited! :). For those of you who donated last year for the start-up costs, thank you and be proud! Look at what you have helped start! Great things are now happening. (Stay tuned for articles on benefits of the practices and bios of our board members and certified instructors)

Peace & Love,
Cristen, President & Founder

Look ahead, do you see the Golden Hill?

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Utilize Animal Totems for Clarity and Empowerment

Glean practical and empowering advice from the symbolism and wisdom of animals.

Try out a 15 minute appointment for $10.00

I have allowed several hours a week for this special offer. Call today to set up a quick appointment and see just how insightful an animal totem reading can be. We will discuss a pressing question/issue that you have. Then, I will give you advice that I tap into from your animal totems. The appointment can be done in person or over Skype/Facetime.

Click on these links for animal totem video examples. Bison, Turtle, Rabbit, Hawk, Tick, Spider, Bat, Bear, & Dog.

Click here for testimonies to read how much I've helped others.

Animals are teachers and healers who love helping humans. They are there waiting... I am the middle person that relays their empowering messages.

Like the mighty bison, stay grounded and pragmatic while using your higher faculties in order to do your best work. Bison represents relying on our practical knowledge (their large earthly bodies) in tandem with higher guidance (their huge heads) for the best results.

Tap into higher guidance. Take advantage of this special offer!


  • Have you learned the Pangu Shengong Moving Form and have been practicing for at least a month? I am now certified to teach the Cognitive Sensory Development Non Moving Form Qi Gong. This form cultivates energy for the different structures and functions of the brain and central nervous system while developing stronger sensory and cognitive functioning including improved memory, creativity, and is also good for improving spinal cord conditions. It enhances your spiritual development by improving the connections between your heart, soul, and nervous system. The form also helps with sleep disorders. More Information
  • I see clients exclusively at the Long Life Wellness Center - 1127 Kildaire Farm Road, Cary, NC. House Calls available for Animal Friends!
  • I am currently expanding my skill set and studying medical qi gong with Paul Fraser. I'll have more to offer you soon! :) What is medical qi gong?


Cristen Bopp, LLC

Services : Pangu Shengong (Qi gong, Internal Martial Arts) Instruction Moving Form & Cognitive Sensory Development Non Moving Form. Qi Energy Adjustments for People & Animals. Oracle & Animal Totem Readings One on One or Events. Animal Communication, Hospice Care, Rainbow Bridge Passage Support - All Species & Ages. Golden Hill Meditation © - One on One, Group, Work Events

Click here to Join our local Pangu Shengong Meetup. This meetup is a way to bring locals of the Triangle together to learn The Art of Life Force through Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Meditation and Yoga.