Enrico Fermi

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Early Years

Enrico was born on September 29, 1901 in Rome, Italy. He was the son of Alberto Fermi and Ida de Gattis. Alberto Fermi was a Chief Inspector of the Ministry of Communications. Enrico attended a grammar school and was inspired by his father's colleagues for recognizing mathematics and physics. One of his father's colleagues was A. Amidei. ^ . ^

Introduction to Science

Fermi was inspired by his father's colleagues for recognizing mathematics and physics, but this was not what had introduced him into the world of science. Enrico was introduced when his older brother died of a minor throat surgery. He read through Latin books on physics to keep from having pain from his brother's death. He found the books in a local bookstore. He later said that he didn't even realize that the books were written in Latin.


Other Information

Major Experiment/Awards :D

Enrico Fermi's major experiment was making the first nuclear chain reactor. The name of it was Chicago Pile 1. It was part of the Manhattan Project. The first man-made nuclear reaction was made in this nuclear reactor. Chicago Pile 1 was made out of uranium pellets and graphite blocks.

Mr. Fermi received many awards for his act in physics and his contribution to the world. He received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1938. In 1954, he received the Max Planck award. In 1942, he received the Hughes Medal. In 1953, he received the Rumford Prize. He also received the Franklin Medal and the Matteucci Medal. Way to go, Mr. Fermi. :D

Most Influential Scientist

Enrico Fermi was very influential to the world as we know it. We now know that nuclear reaction first occurred with Enrico Fermi. Fermi is an amazing scientist that changed the world in a better place. He changed the world in lots of subjects in science, such as physics, chemistry, and biology. Many people look up to Enrico Fermi as a hero.

Enrico Fermi was the one who brought nuclear reactions into the world. He created the Chicago Pile 1, the world's first nuclear reactor. He accomplished a goal which later created a goal such as building an atomic bomb. We use nuclear things every day, whether we know it or not. Enrico Fermi is my hero . <3