Mr. Sena's Weekly News

3rd Grade Gwin Oaks

Progress Reports!

Progress Reports are on the way home TODAY!!! Please review your child's progress report and sign and return on Monday. If you have any questions, issues, or concerns please feel free to contact me via Classdojo, Remind, or email.

Entrepreneurship Program

Our class is participating in the Brookwood Entrepreneurship program and we LOVE it! Our students have classroom jobs and get paid in Bucky Bucks! They are learning the value of earning a dollar and real life applications on saving and spending.

This week we introduced the next phase. Students can create products and sell them for Bucky Bucks! We already have several students that have purchased a Business License ($5 Bucky Bucks) and have started selling products they have created during recess. It's amazing to see students get excited about being creative, and using their skills to create a business. One item that I have stressed to the class is that this will never interfere with our learning in the classroom. I am excited to see what amazing products and ideas are fostered and created over the coming months.

If any classroom parents own a business, I would love to speak with you about coming in to speak with the class about what it means to be an entrepreneur!

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Class Store Help Needed!

One persons junk is another persons treasure!

If you have any old toys, or items that can be donated to supply our class store....we all would be very appreciative! These items will help supply our class store which we will open and use our Bucky Bucks earned from our classroom jobs. Students will use their Bucky Bucks that they earn to buy items. Please help if you can!

If you have any questions, please let me know.

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Science and Social Studies District Assessments

We will be completing our Science and Social Studies DAsthis coming week.

Pumpkins For Sale!!!

Help support a good cause and consider letting your child buy a pumpkin! Students buy pumpkin pictures at the front desk and can color them in. They will be added to our "Pumpkin Patch"! All proceeds support the United Way. What a great way to teach our children to give back to those in need. Cost is .50 cents a pumpkin.
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Upcoming Events!

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Our focus this week will be...

Math - We will review distributive property and begin our unit on the associative property.

Reading - We will focus on the logical connection between sentences and paragraphs in a text (comparison, cause / effect, and sequence).

Writing - We will continue our learning how to write an informational essay.

Grammar / Word Study - We will be learning how to search for words (guide words) using a dictionary and thesaurus. We will also learn how to use the prefix (ex-) in words and the meaning of those words.

Science / Social Studies - We will be learning more about Pollution and its effects on the Earth. We will have a Pollution Quiz on Friday, Oct. 21st.