Banksmeadow Public School

Staff Bulletin Term 2 Week 7 - 1st June - 5th June


Monday 1st June

9am Morning Assembly

8:30-11:00 School Plan Milestones Workshop @ Arncliffe (Ben)

3-4pm Sue Shelley (Director) PDP mtg with Ben

Tuesday 2nd June

8:15am - LST Meeting

Preschool Photos

KB Data Projector Install

Wednesday 3rd June

8:15am - Exec Mtg

ICAS Science Test before school

12:00pm Assembly

Evacuation Drill

Thursday 4th June

8:15am - Staff Meeting

10:00-11:00am School Complexity Mtg @ Rainbow St (Ben)

Debating @ Arncliffe

Preschool Photos

Friday 5th June

12:15-3:00pm - PSSA

Upcoming Events

Week 8

Monday 8th June - Queen's Birthday Public Holiday

Tuesday 9th June - Reports due to supervisors, Multicultural Perspectives Public Speaking Finals @ Chifley PS

Wednesday 10th June - Annual PEN Conference (Peter, Sharen, Roxanne, Annie & Ben)

Thursday 11th June - Yr 6 Farewell Pizza Day

Week 9

Monday 15th June - WHS Committee Mtg (3:15-4:00pm in Ben's office)

Tuesday 16th June - ICAS Spelling Test

Wednesday 17th June - ESPSSA Mtg @ Malabar PS (2-4:30pm), PAVe Training (Peter, Helene, Elise & Brendan)

Thursday 18th June - Dancers at Seymour Centre

Thank You

I'd like to thank Helene for organising the Stewart House key rings last week. It seems that they were selling like hot cakes and it was great to see so many students leaving school of an afternoon with their key ring torches in their hands as they walked out the gate. Stewart House provides so many opportunities for "at risk" students in our system and it is great to support them the way do. Thanks again Helene :)

I'd also like to thank Tina for 3F's outstanding Reconciliation Assembly last week. It was highly engaging for staff, parents and students alike, and was delivered with a tone of sincere respect. Many thanks also to Helene, Tina and all K-2 staff for the lovely artwork. The hall was decorated beautifully and displayed a strong sense of empathy and thoughtfulness for the occasion. Thanks also to Brendan for taking care of the IT for the assembly....It's always so seamless when you run it that sometimes we forget to notice you're there on the iPad ;)

Finally, I'd like to thank Jacquie for organising the Big Cup of Tea last Thursday. It was such a wonderful breakfast that you organised for the staff, and for such a great cause too! I know there were others who contributed to the breakfast too (perhaps Carol & Tina), so I'd like to say a huge thanks to everyone that contributed. I believe the total money raised this year was higher than last year as well, so thanks to everyone who donated to this great charity!

Reminder - Evacuation Drill on Wednesday

I just wanted to remind everyone that we'll be having an evacuation drill on Wednesday, so please make yourself (and your class) familiar with the emergency procedures before the day. Thanks everyone :)