Cultivating a Love of Reading

K/1 Literacy Night: Tips for England ES Parents

Resources compiled by Emily Kupersztoch, England ES Librarian

Self-selection of books for children is KEY! Visit the library or bookstore and choose books together. Your child will be more invested in reading if given the opportunity to select his/her own books.

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Empower your child to CHOOSE whatever they want to read!

"10 Tips for Raising Sharp Readers" - Nerdy Book Club Post

Adapted from this wonderful article by Colby and Alaina Sharp - I highly recommend reading the article to hear more about each tip!

  1. Have books everywhere.
  2. Let them see you read.
  3. Celebrate books and acknowledge authors as the rockstars they are.
  4. Give books as gifts.
  5. Keep it fresh.
  6. Encourage unsupervised reading.
  7. Let “going to the library” be more than just checking out books.
  8. Help them find books that align with their interests.
  9. Never force it.
  10. Incorporate bedtime reading in your routine.

Three Short & Insightful Articles on Raising Readers

Steps for Cultivating a Love of Reading in Young Children by Cory Turner, NPR

Raising Sharp Readers by Colby Sharp, Nerdy Book Club

Fostering a Love for Reading by Heather Grocott

Additional Research on Reading

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Read Aloud to Your Children - every day, if possible!

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It's important to make daily reading a habit for everyone in the family! Set aside time when you are all reading and make it a family event. The more your child practices reading materials of their choice, the better readers they become!

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