Shut up, we feel the same way.

Complaining. Can't stand it.


Austin Brackens

We all know...

Sometimes life can be pretty tough, but that doesn't mean you have to tell the whole world about it!
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When is complaining the most annoying?

Complaining is most annoying when you are with a group of people who are going through the same conditions that you are, and yet they still complain. "it's too hot" "walking home sucks" These are all examples of complaining. As you can see complaining does nor help or contribute to a situation.


Complaining does nothing to contribute nor help the problem. It is also for little babies who don't know any better. Complaining is also a bad habit to pickup. Never complain at a fast food restaurant. Let's just say that the employee might take their anger not at you, but in your food.
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Complaining is contagious. If adults complain around their young then sooner or later their child will pick up the habits, making the lives of those around them annoyed. Also once a person is labeled as a complainer, others are more likely to try to avoid that individual.

I dare you..

This photo shows how much some people are really annoyed by complainers. "It's too crammed in this van" "What'd you expect? there's 8 people in this car." If you feel like complaining by all means do it, but send it to the complaint department, not the people around you.
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A book for the complainers

This is a book that tells the reader about how complaining affects others and how useless it is to do. If you're a complainer I recommend this book for you. You can buy this book at your local Barnes & Noble book store.
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