Mrs. Chesworth's Newsletter

Week of January 4 2016!! Happy New Year!!!

This week

This week we will be taking some time to review our classroom procedures. We will be going right in with our Harcourt reading and our Eureka math! Homework will also be starting up on Monday. Please remember that homework is not optional and should be done nightly.

Harcourt Reading: Story of the week: Hurricanes: Earth's Mightiest Storms

Our story this week is an informational text. Students will work on using details from the story to do research and to answer questions using details from the text. Students will also work on infer/predicting from the text details in the story.

Spelling words for the week: (we are working on compound words)

1. somebody 2. fireplace 3. nearby 4. toothbrush 5. homesick 6. make-believe

7. anything 8. all right 9. goodbye 10. forehead 11. classmate 12. flashlight

13. haircut 14. twenty-two 15. driveway 16. alarm clock 17. baby-sit

18. airport 19. forever 20. mailbox

Our Painting Class!!

Our Painting Class

You know now that each of your children created a wonderful painting for you:) I had hired an artist to come in to do a canvas painting with each student. She was so great and was able to teach the students the basics behind painting with a paintbrush(when to use a small, medium, and large brush) and how to paint to enhance their work. The students also learned how important following directions were during this whole activity. This is a great memory for you to have!
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