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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Notes from the Principal

We are entering the home stretch!!! It has been a long and challenging school year for us all and we only have these last nine weeks to go!! However, as challenging as things have been, do not overlook the many great things there are to celebrate. Find the positives, recognize them, and celebrate the successes they represent. Throughout this year, although separated physically, I have seen our Boone family draw closer together as we have supported and uplifted each other through these difficult days. Boone is truly going strong!!

Although the finish line may just be coming into sight, it is too soon to relax our guard or our efforts. I have been challenging the students each day this week to keep pushing hard and strong to the end of the school year. The final lap of a race is not when you relax. It is the time when you dig the deepest and give everything you can so that you finish strong.

During our morning assemblies, I am urging every student to set a couple of goals to improve themselves and/or their world over these last nine weeks. We want to end this year strong! Ask your child what their goals are. Have a family conversation about what goal setting is. Help them set reachable goals that they can be proud of and that you can celebrate with them on June 3rd. Perhaps, as a family, set some goals together for these last nine weeks.

We can do this. We are Boone Bears and we DO make a difference.

Student Holiday on April 2nd

Although it was stated in a recent AISD Parent Newsletter that we would have full weeks of school for the remainder of the school year, this is just a reminder that next Friday, April 2nd is still a holiday for the students and a professional development day for staff. There will be no synchronous or asynchronous assignments or classes.

Asynchronous Date Change

Due to the number of school days impacted by the winter storm in February, AISD has cancelled the April Asynchronous days that were previously scheduled for April 9th and April 23rd. These will now be regular school days.

Crawford's Connections - Important STAAR Information

Hello Boone Family,

I hope everyone has been enjoying the sunshine and warmer weather….spring is upon us!

It is that time of year that we will begin our state assessments, STAAR. We here at Boone know that many of our students in third, fourth, and fifth grades are still working virtually. Students will be required to be on campus to participate in these assessments. Below I am listing the dates we are planning for testing here at Boone.

Boone Elementary STAAR Assessment Days

Fourth Grade Writing: Tuesday, April 6: On Campus Students

Fourth Grade Writing: Tuesday, April 13: Virtual Students

Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade Math: Tuesday, May 11: On Campus and Virtual Students

Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade Reading: Wednesday, May 12: On Campus and Virtual Students

Fifth Grade Science: Tuesday, May 18: On Campus and Virtual Students

**Important Note**

To limit the amount of students on campus on May 11th and 12th, all students in Pre-K-2nd grades will have asynchronous days. This will allow us to use all staff as test administrators and keep groups small. More information about this will be forthcoming.

We are aware that many families may not feel it is safe to return to campus at this time, and we absolutely support your decision. There is no penalization for not taking STAAR this year so I want to reiterate that due to COVID it will be your choice if your child returns to campus to take STAAR.

For those virtual students who do choose to return to campus on assessment days, we will be working tirelessly making sure testing rooms are as safe as possible by continuing to follow all COVID protocols. Testing groups will be small so we can maintain social distancing to keep everyone safe.

What will your student need on testing day?

  1. Fully charged Chromebook
  2. Water Bottle
  3. Snack (no snacks that make fingers messy….ex. Cheetos)
  4. Mask (no masks with filters are allowed

As we get closer to these assessment days your child’s teacher will be sending more details about these days.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I am happy to answer any questions you might have about these assessment days.'

Take Care,

Ms. Crawford


PTA News


- Apr 27: Spirit Night at Bush's Chicken, 5-8pm

HOW TO successfully order your YEARBOOK!

Start by clicking the link below:

Look for the light green box that says :Yearbook Products and Ads: hit the black bold box:

Order Now: Start by adding one student's name in the fields provided: Click: SHOP FOR STUDENT: (on the left side of this next screen is where you can see what student you added to the order) Next, Click: GET STARTED: enter the students teachers name from the Drop Down Box: (the optional section is used for the Cover, if you would like something Stamped on your cover or have an Icon next to your name on the cover click to add....when I did this when I clicked on the icon or stamp to see what it was, it automatically assumed I wanted the item on my cover. Therefore, look to the left under the book and it tells you what you clicked on, edit what you would like to take off.) Finally: ADD TO CART: You can Continue shopping at this point or checkout.

NOTE: to preorders: I did see that we are missing add-ons (I need to call and get some more information) about the personal pages as well as getting them shipped to our homes for a small fee. I do apologize, if you are wanting these two things and have already ordered your yearbook. Email me and I will pass it on to get it sorted out for you.

I hope this helps everyone. Please let me know if you need help.

Tiffany, Yearbook

PTA BOARD 2021-2022

Interested in being more involved with our school? How about running for a position on the 2021-2022 PTA Board? In the spring, we will be holding elections for next year's executive board. For any questions, please contact Crystal Brothwell Hernandez at

Extend-A-Care Summer Programs and Fall Enrollment Info

Summer Camp 2021

Join us this for a “Summer We Deserve” with a variety of fun and enriching activities at a YMCA Summer Camp!

· Summer Camp Programs:

  • Infant/Preschool (Infant-5)
  • Theme Camp (5-12): Becker, Cunningham, Dawson, Elm Grove (Hays), Guerrero Thompson, Gullett, Lagos, Laurel Mountain, Palm, Patton, Pioneer Crossing, Ridgetop, Science Hall (Hays), Springs YMCA (Dripping Springs)
  • Sports Camp (8-13): Caraway Elementary, Lively Middle, O’Henry Middle
  • Camp Moody (Buda) (8-13)
Flyers are below

Registration Open Now: YMCA Summer Camp

School Year 2021-22

· Registration Opens for All Families April 1st

· For More Information: EAC YMCA Afterschool Care