i pods

kids want I pods in classes to help them study

Kids Want Ipods

Middle school kids want to have there iPods in their class rooms. They think it will help them concentrate. However, it is scientifically proven that listening to music while studying is not helpful for learning.

Kids Listen To Music

Kids in class want to listen to music because they think it will help them. to tell you the truth, it won't help you one bit. Kids think it will help them but music disrupts the frontal lobe of your brain. This means that when you're doing the work it is possible to get the work done however, you wont be as effective. "Scores were significantly higher for tests taken in a quiet environment or with steady-state speech." (by mind the sciences gap.com).
Kids want to have iPods to help them with studying. My opinion is that listening to music while studying makes it really hard for kids to focus. Therefore, if I were the teacher, I would say no, to using iPods at all during school. When kids are listening to music while doing their homework their mind is not remembering the homework. It's remembering the music's lyrics. That's why you get songs stuck in your head and it repeats over again. The next day you will be struggling on your test, trying to remember what you did last night on your homework. Unless the music is classical, because classical music has no lyrics. The mind is not constantly trying to learn both the lyrics and the homework at the same time when you are listening to classical music.

Classical Music

If you're going to listen to music, classical music is actually good for homework because it has no lyrics. When music doesn't have lyrics, it does not disrupted your thinking. Classical Music actually helps keep your focus instead of going off task and day dreaming or staring at the wall. Classical Music is a type of music that most kids don't like because the don't think its, "catchy" but classical Music is better for you instead of listening to fake edited Hip Hop music.
I think that kids should not listen to music besides classical because it has been scientifically proven. because when you listen to lady gaga you cant think even when you think you can. its bad to listen to music with music because it corrupts your frontal lobe.
Although listening to music might be enjoyable, doing homework while listening to music is like driving blind folded. in addition, doing homework with music is very distracting. is best to study in a quiet area.