By: Maryam and Jamin

Chinchillas' Type Of Symmetry

Chinchillas have a very thick coat of fur (as many as 60 hairs per follicles) that was originally a blue-gray in color. However, today Chinchillas have been bred with coats that are black, gray, white, beige, and combinations of each. Their thick fur not only keeps them warm, it also protects them from fleas, lice,, and Predators.

Type Of Feeder/Eater

Good quality grass hay (stay fresh and clean).

Gerbil, rat chow, nutri- Bloc (pet shop brand)

Chinchillas Physical Characteristics

The general coloration is bluish pearl or brownish gray. Each hair usually has a black tip. Underside is a yellowish- white. Bushy tall covered with coarser hairs , large mouse-like ears, large black eyes, and a small squirrel like body.
Cute and Funny Chinchilla Videos Compilation 2016 ( Part 1 :)

Gerbils specific physical features

Adult gerbils weigh 2 to 3 ounces (50 to 90 grams). Males are slightly larger than females. The coats of gerbils in the wild are “agouti” colored, or a mix of gray, yellow, and black, with an off-white belly. Breeding has produced gerbils with many different coat colors, including black, buff, white, gray, and spotted. They are about the size of mice, with their bodies measuring about 4 inches (10 centimeters); their fur-covered tails can add an additional 3 inches (8 centimeters). Gerbils typically live for 2 to 3 years.


Gerbils are small, sleek rodents with large black or pinkish eyes. Their ears are small and whiskers are quite dominant. The front paws are small, but sensitive, with claws. The back feet are long and powerful. The tail is long with a tuft at the end. The tail grows quickly to about 2-3 inches in the first six weeks of a gerbil’s life, it then eventually reaches about 4 inches by the time it is one year old. The gerbil’s Latin name roughly translates to “little clawed warrior”, although they are gentle and sweet. They range in color from white to brown “agouti” - brown with black ticking at the ends of the hairs. The gerbil’s sense of hearing is about five times greater than that of humans.

Gerbils feeeding

Vegetarians / grain eaters - will eat an occasional insect such as crickets or mealworms Commercially prepared hamster/gerbil diets are available at all pet stores, they are made of pellets, seeds, grains and dried vegetables; a good food should contain about 12% protein and 6-8% fat.

FRESH FOODS: Healthy, fresh fruits, vegetables and grains can also be fed to your hamster. Offer these treats in small amounts, as they may cause diarrhea if fed in too large an amount.

Two Gerbils, One Wheel

Hutia physical features

Hutias are moderately large cavy-like rodents of the family Capromyidae that inhabit the Caribbean Islands. Most species have a head-and-body length that ranges from 21 to 46 cm (8.3 to 18.1 in) and weigh less than 2 kg (4.4 lb), but Desmarest's hutiahas a head-and-body length of 31 to 60 cm (12 to 24 in) and weigh 2.8–8.5 kg (6.2–18.7 lb)

Hutia feeder

They are hunted for food in Cuba, where they are often cooked in a large pot with wild nuts and honey. At the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base however, there is an over population due to the lack of natural predators and an abundant food source.

Hutias typr of symmetry

Cuban wildlife - hutia