A City No More...

Pompeii The Thriving City

  • Pompeii was founded by Oscans (People of Central Italy)
  • It was built on an important trade route between Compae, Nola, and Stabiae
  • It was built along the edges of the volcano, Mount Vesuvius
  • In it's early years, it was a flourishing city port and was a popular rest for wealthy Roman citizens

The Eruption Of Mount Vesuvius

On August 24th, A.D. 79, Around 8:00 in the morning, the people of Pompeii started experiencing small earthquakes as they usually did. Around 1:00 In the afternoon, smoke began rising from Mount Vesuvius. By 4:00, The sky filled with ash, smoke, and fire. By 8:00, most of the City had been completely covered in more than 25 meters of ash. An estimated 16,000 Roman citizens died.
A Day in Pompeii - Full-length animation

After The Disaster

After The Disaster, the city looked as if it didn't even exist, it looked like nothing but a desert of ash. The only witness of the event was Pliny the Younger who was 17 at the time. One of the main reasons we know of the disaster is because of just 2 letters Pliny had wrote describing the incident. Pliny reported to his elder, who then sent a rescue fleet to see if anyone survived. They found no one.