"Lady be Good" Dennis E. Mcclendon

The WW II Mystery Bomber


The nine members of Hatton's crew

  • 1st Lt. Hatton (Pilot)
  • 2nd Lt. Robert F. Toner (Copilot)
  • 2nd Lt. Dp Hays (Navigator)
  • 2nd Lt. John S. Woravka (Bombardier )
  • Sgt. Harold J. Ripslinger (Aerial engineer)
  • Sgt. Robert E. LaMotte (Radio operator)
  • Sgt. Guy E. Shelley (Assistant Engineer gunner)
  • Sgt. Vernon L. Moore (Assistant Radio operator)
  • Sgt. Samuel E. Adams (Tail gunner)

Toner and Adams were the only of the crew members to have married. Both of the wives remarried. Adams was the only with a child, born a couple months after the went missing. They were all declared "missing in action" then a year later, in April 1944, they were declared "Dead. Killed in action"


The setting of my book takes place in the Libyan desert. This is where the Lady be good is found, and where the search party spends most of the book looking for the missing crew.


The eight members of Hatton's crew bail from their B-24 D liberator after running out of fuel. They thought they were over the ocean, when they were really over the Libyan desert. They fight to survive. After they set out for their mission they are never again seen. It is believed they were killed in action. Sixteen years later they find the remains of the Lady Be Good and begin to unravel this WW II mystery bombers story.


Eight men go missing on their first mission during April of WW II, and their search party has no luck until sixteen years later. Hatton's crew has to fight to survive, while the rest of the team fights to save them from the Libyan desert. Hatton's crew's conflict is man vs. nature, and the search party's conflict is Man vs. Nature also.
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