Bearcat Brief

April 12, 2019

Notes from Niki

I have started the "End of the Year" list of important dates. They are all on either the HMS Events or HMS Staff calendar as well, but I know that it is helpful for me to see them in list form. That is attached to the "Google Docs" link below. The doc is also shared with you. Please let me know if there is anything I have missed.

Some end of the year tasks that you can put on your to-do list are (1) look at the supply list for your grade level- Dr. Smith would like those pared down to items that students will need and use themselves in the classroom- minimize "community" supplies and non-instructional material. (2) 4th, 5th, and 6th-grade teachers should write (update) a welcome letter to their students. We will once again use the "letter from your teacher" as the carrot to complete online registration for the younger students.

I have included the schedule for GLA testing below. 5th and 6th- grade teams, if you can look at the altered schedule for April 29th and see how that works with your class schedules and let me know. 1st and 2nd-hour specials and lunch will have to remain fixed as you see, but other transitions can be altered to fit your needs. Please include Mr. Sachs and Mrs. Worland in your plans.

GLA Testing

April 24- 26: Science testing for 5th and 8th grade
  • 5th grade will test after specials and then alter their schedule accordingly for the remainder of the day
  • 8th grade will test in their science classes

April 29- Altered Schedule for ELA Session 1 (Students will be strategically divided into groups and assigned to a teacher and location)

  • Advisory- 7:59-8:09
  • ELA Session 1- 8:10-9:40
  • 1st Hour- 9:44-10:24
  • 2nd Hour- 10:28- 11:08
  • A Lunch- 11:12- 11:32, A 4th Hour- 11:36- 12:22
  • B 4th Hour- 11:12- 11:57, B Lunch- 12:01-12:22
  • 6th Grade Lunch 11:36- 11:57
  • 3rd Hour- 12:26- 1:04
  • 5th Hour- 1:08- 1:46
  • 6th Hour- 1:50- 2:28
  • 7th Hour- 2:32- 3:15

April 30- May 3- Remaining ELA sessions in class periods and make-up sessions as necessary

May 6-10- Math sessions during class times and make-up sessions as necessary

Professional Reading/ Resources:

Upcoming Events


April 12- Erika, Jillian, and Jaelee Principals for the Day

April 15- Quin and Hannah Principal for the Day

April 15- 18: MAP Testing Spirit Week

Magnificent Monday- wear neon because your future is bright

Tourist Tuesday- Map your way to success

Wicked Wave Wednesday- Surf your way to the Top

Throwback Thursday- Over time these tests will help

April 15-18: Peeps Hunt

April 16- MS Faculty meeting, 7:30

April 16- 7/8 Track Meet at Home, 4:00

April 17- 5/6 Rehearsal for Kid Flix Concert

April 17- PBIS Leadership Committee Meeting, 3:15

April 18- Aditey Principal for the Day

April 19- No School; Spring Break (Return to School on Tuesday, April 23)

April 23- Fire Drill, 8:30

April 23- 9-12 Hermann Invitation Track Meet, 4:00

April 24- Student Council Meeting, 3:15

April 25- 7/8 Track @ Bland Invitational, 4:00

April 26- Student of the Month Assembly, 2:30

April 27- 7/8 Track @ Pacific Relays, 10:00 a.m.

April 30- PLC Team Training in Jefferson City

April 30- Trash Bag Pickup and Student Showcase

April 30- STEM Open House, 3:30- 5:30

April 30- 5th and 6th grade Kid Flix Performance, 6:30


May 1- Lunch and Learn from Grand Canyon University

May 3- Special Olympics

May 6-10- Staff Appreciation Week

May 6- 5th and 6th Grade PLC meetings

May 6- MS Honor Society Induction, 5:30

May 6- Band Concert, 7:00

May 7- MS Faculty Meeting

May 7- Choir Concert, 6:30

May 8- 7th and 8th- Grade PLC meeting, 7:20

May 9- Board of Education Meeting, 6:00

May 10- 8th Grade Promotion, 6:00

May 10- Families In Action Dance, 7:30-10:00

May 10- Honor Society Lock-In, 10:00

May 14- 8th-Grade Field Trip

May 15- Reading Counts Incentive Trip

May 16- HHS Graduation

May 21- Grade-Level Awards (6th-Grade: 1st Hour; 5th-Grade: 2nd Hour; 7th and 8th Grade: TBD)

May 21- Student of the Month Assembly

May 22- Last Day of School, Incentive Day