September R&F Autoshipment Reminder

Decide Today How Tomorrow Looks

Back to School Season Means Back to Tending to Your Skin Care Needs

I am so excited that I am able to help others find satisfaction & confidence in their skin's appearance with Rodan +Fields. Taking care of your skin is a small but important priority, which yields amazing long-term benefits. I applaud your commitment to using the right products for your skin concerns. You will be thankful for years to come with the preventative measures you take today!

September Auto Shipment Reminder

You can customize your order to anything you want for the $80 minimum. As a preferred customer, you receive 10% off (all products all the time) plus free shipping for your replenishment orders.

I can easily edit your account (just let me know what you want) or you can by:
•Logging into your account via my site
•Log in with your email & password
•Click on “My Account”
•Click on “Edit Replenishment Order”

Thank you for supporting my business as you achieve great skin. I truly believe everyone deserves to wake up each day with their very best skin! I'm happy to answer any of your questions & help you customize your order based on your needs & skin care goals.

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Keep Your Summer Glow Year-Round!

I am so excited to share the news that our extremely popular sunless foaming tanner is back in stock! That means you can add some to your cart today, so you can have a healthy glow come fall/winter. This formula is non-greasy, dries quickly, & it applies without streaking. You'll also notice that it smells great, too!

Why Invest In The Full Regimen?

Full disclosure - I did not begin by purchasing a full regimen when I first started off as a Preferred Customer. I thought I could just grab a few items here & there. Although the products were fine in isolation, it was when I began using the formulated products in their proper order that I began to get phenomenal results! Our dermatologists took great care to create regimens to best care for specific skin concerns. Using these steps in their proper order will yield you optimal results!
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I greatly appreciate you supporting my business. If you know anyone interested in trying out our products, please send them my way. It's a great way for you to earn free products from yours truly. Thank you again for your business.