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1763-1776 (Taylor Copland)

What is the American Revolution?

Navigation Acts

The Navigation Acts states that the 13 colonies could only trade with England. They also started taxing sugar making rum more expensive. England controlling colonial manufacturing ,created resentment against the mother country.
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Proclamation of 1763

The Ohio River Valley was guarded long after the french and Indian war was over to help keep order. King George III issued the Proclamation of 1763 witch gave the Indians land west of the Appalachian Mountains. This act made the colonist extremely angry to the point that mobs and riots formed on the streets.
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The Stamp Act 1765

The stamp act was taxing anything printed on paper. Soon after that people started to protest and to form mobs. later after the Sons of Liberty were formed and then the 9 colonies got together to later repeal the stamp act.
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Quartering Act 1765

This act made it so any solder can walk up to any house and ask to be housed, feed, and clothed when ever they want. This act also included blank search warrants witch no one liked or writs of assistance. All of the colonist pretty much lost all of there properties to the army.
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Townshend Act 1767

In these years taxes were placed on glass, paint, oil, lead, paper, and tea. Most Colonists boycotted theses goods.
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Boston Massacre 1770

British troops opened fire after an object was thrown at the British army. This started an anti-British propaganda about the event. What made the colonist the most mad was the fact that the 5 red coats that killed 5 people 1 person each where found Not guilty.
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Tea Act 1773

This act helped the British east india Company by giving control over the tea trading. This act places taxes on shipping this drink that everyone loved. This made it so tea was bought a lot less from stores and bars. People who did bought it payed almost double the original price.
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Boston Tea Party 1773

This act was a protest against the British in witch people raided the ships with the tea, dressed up like Indians and threw 342 crates off of all of the ships into the harbor.
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Coercive Acts 1774

After the Boston tea party very strict laws where placed in 1774 as punishment for the Boston Tea Party. The colonist closed the port of Boston and prohibited government colonial assemblies. From them closing the ports Boston lost a huge amount of money.
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1st Continental Congress 1774

The first Congress brought together from the colonies and sent Parliament a list of grievances and asked fir peace. They agreed to be in peace and they would take action in 1775 if the king did not back off.
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