The ghettos in the Holocaust

By: Kate Pinkerton

Conditions in the ghettos

  • Life in the ghettos was unbearable because of the terrible conditions
  • One apartment would have several families living in it
  • Because of the cramped conditions, diseases and infections would spread quickly
  • The plumbing inside would break down so there would be no plumbing
  • It was unsanitary because since the plumbing broke down, people would throw human waste out into the streets along with garbage

Utilizing the space in the ghettos

Since the ghettos were so cramped the people living there would utilize the space they had as much as possible.

  • Sometimes they would keep appliances like the washer, the stove and more outside in the yard
  • Every space was utilized

Hunger in the ghettos

  • People were always hungry in the ghettos
  • Germans would purposely starve residents because they would only let them buy small amounts of food
  • The small amounts of food they were allowed to buy was potatoes, fat and bread
  • Some people smuggled in money or valuables that they would trade for food
  • Some people were forced to steal or beg for food because they didn't have enough money to buy it for themselves

Weather conditions in the ghettos

  • During the winter, heating fuel was scarce because of the great need and many people didn't have adequate clothing that would efficiently keep them warm in the cold
  • People who were weakened because of the lack of food and the cold would become vulnerable to be infected with disease

Death in the ghettos

  • Many people would die because of the cold, starvation and diseases that weren't treated for

children of the ghettos

  • Everyday children would become orphans because their parents couldn't take care of them and children were often cared for by younger children
  • In the Warsaw ghetto the little kids would help smuggle in food

Personal items in the ghettos

  • They were only permitted to bring in a few personal items into the ghettos
  • They had to leave their property and were taken away from their homes


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