Frank Lloyd Wright

By: Mikayla Winters

Early Years

Frank Lloyd Wright was born on June 8, 1867 at the Rich land Center, Wisconsin. As a child Frank moved from town to town a lot, his father changed ministry positions in Rhode Island, Iowa, Massachusetts, And then Madison, Wisconsin.

At 18 he was employed as a dean at the university of Wisconsin.

What did he do for a living?

Frank was working as an architect under Louis Sullivan, for 6 years. He left his work with Sullivan, no one knew if he was fired or if he had quit. He soon opened his own office and started to create his own homes, For 16 years he had established different ideas, which were soon known as prairie style. His career lasted almost 70 years. During this time he was Married to Catherine Lee Tobin and had a family of 6 children.


He inspired many other architects.

He opened an office for Architects to work with him.

For 16 years he had established different designs which were inspiration to the prairie style.

In his final years he had designed some of his most famous work, the Guggenheim museum and the Main country civic center.

Frank Lloyd Wright 1962 CBS documentary