Ms. Nguyen's 3rd Grade Class

October Newsletter

About Me

Hello parents! My name is Y-La Nguyen and this is my first year of teaching. My third graders have been so fun to teach so far! I graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelors of Science in Teaching and Learning, EC-6 Generalist. I always wanted to teach third grade because it was my favorite year when I was elementary school, and English and history are my favorite subjects.

Classroom rules

We have a poster on the wall in our classroom that lists the classroom rules which I expect my students to know. The rules are listen when others are speaking, raise your hand to speak, be respectful of others, and always do your best. I always tell my students to treat others the way they want to be treated. My students have been wonderful so far by following our classroom rules!


What We Are Learning

This week we learned about using proper punctuation marks using a game called "Punctuation with Kung Fu Panda." This activity is great for students who learn best by being active because the students get to do "kung fu" while learning the punctuation marks. The students are put into groups and get to play the game through Powerpoint. There are different levels or colored belts that you can click on and learn something different about punctuation while doing "kung fu." The students seemed to enjoy this much more than doing worksheets!


Classroom Highlights

Last week, the students were allowed to choose their own mystery books in the spirit of Halloween. They learned to summarize the books and presented their book reports orally to the class this week. They were told to create a puppet that represented a character from the book because I wanted the students to be creative and have fun with their book reports. The students were able to show their understanding of the book and share their stories with their classmates.


Field Trip

This month we are going to the Children's Museum of Houston! The students will get to explore over seventy-five hands-on exhibit activities that goes along with the TEKS so it will be very educational and beneficial to the students' learning. The activities cover a wide variety of subjects such as science, geometry, pre-algebra, history, and cultural awareness.