Romeo and Juliet

Act Two Scene Five

by Haley Samara

The Key Characters:

The Summary:

Juliet wanders about her room impatiently waiting for the Nurse to return, in hope with news from Romeo. The Nurse finally arrives three hours later from when she was ordered to make her descent. The closeness of Juliet and the Nurse's relationship is shown when the Nurse procrastinates and continuously makes excuses until finally she tells the anxious Juliet the exiting news. The Nurse tells Juliet Romeo's plan for their marriage that night as well as the Nurse's role in their plan, which she is especially excited about. The Nurse and Juliet share their happiness together.

The Dedicated Song:

Selena Gomez - Tell Me Something I Don't Know


I chose this song because the lyrics represent how Juliet was feeling in this scene. Juliet is completely in love with Romeo, and absolutely nothing can change her mind about him. She's very anxious to hear what the Nurse has brought for news back from Romeo, hence the song, "Tell Me Something I Don't Know." Also there are lyrics in the first verse of this song that are, "Everybody tells me that it's wrong what I'm feeling, I shouldn't believe in, that dreams that I'm dreaming." This relates to Juliet's love toward Romeo and how she believes this is true love and nothing can stop it. Even though she is in love with her enemy, nothing and no one can hold back her feelings.