MIS Monday Message

April 27 - May 1


I know that last week's newsletter was a little long...but I just had so much to say! I'd like to say it won't always be that long, but I'm not making any promises. Maybe we should rename this the Monday Novel? One thing that I hope you realized is that I'm really trying to increase our communication. I will be putting out this newsletter every week and it will be the primary source of information. If you were a little confused or felt like you were missing out on something, it may be because the only place it was mentioned was in the Monday Message. Be sure to check it weekly!

I've been blown away by your response this week to all the different things I asked you to do. If you haven't checked the MIS Success page, it's a MUST read. It's so refreshing to read about the successes we've had this year, and they will make you smile. From learning new tech skills, to one of your students achieving something great, to forming partnerships with new colleagues, it's apparent to see that we have a lot to celebrate at MIS. Thanks to everyone who contributed. If you haven't yet, it's not too late! Share your success with us!

Thank you for talking to students about procedures this week and practicing. Across the building I was in rooms and it looked like the first week of school! I also was in several rooms where you were doing the lesson with your students on "I Wish my Teacher Knew." Many of you have shared with me what your students wrote, and I love the insights you provided. I had one teacher tell me "this explains everything I've been seeing the past few weeks with this student." Others gained insight that prompted you to call parents or the counselor. That's what it's all about - knowing our kids and meeting their needs (which aren't always academic.) Thanks for taking the time to spend a few minutes this week meeting your students' needs in this way.

We will have grade level meetings this week during Academy time. On the day your grade level meets, students will remain in the classroom that morning and read while monitors are in the hall.

Academy time will be different the next few weeks. Students will no longer go to the Academy classes in order to give teachers time to work on RtI notes for next year's teachers. Our goal is to have a doc per student that explains exactly where they are in their understanding and skills so the next teacher can pick up where we left off. What a great idea for moving our students forward! Students will still go to GT and EAST every morning until 8:40.

Have a wonderful week!

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Last Week of School

Our committee planning events for the last week of school met last Thursday afternoon. They had great ideas and have some exciting events planned, including some student competitions like a Spelling Bee, Multiplication Bee, Quiz Bowl, and other challenges. More information will be shared with you soon.

One of the things that we need to start right now is encouraging our students to be here until the last day. I know it's easy to get sucked in to everyone counting down the days and saying nobody is coming that week. However, we are here to teach students everyday and we will be here doing that until June 5th. We want our students to get the message that it's important for them to be here and that WE WANT THEM HERE until then. Please start sharing this message now with students and parents.

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Tech Task of the Week

Thanks to everyone who came to the Twitter party last Friday and was willing to try something new. Also, congrats to Cathy who won the $20 Marketplace gift card!

We will continue to learn about Twitter and how to use it for professional learning. If you missed the party, you'll need to get with someone else and have them show you what to do. I'll share the documents with you so you can see what you missed. All certified teachers need a Twitter login and to know how to use it since we will be utilizing it for PD.

This week's Tech Task is to log in to Twitter at least once during the week and post a tweet with the hashtag #MISbilliesrock. This is the hashtag we'll use when posting anything related to our school. I've shared a spreadsheet below with everyone's Twitter name so you can follow everyone at our school. Please add your name using the form I sent on Friday if you haven't yet.

Don't forget to start experimenting with Twitter chats. Remember that this is a great way to build your PLN and learn new ideas.

If anyone needs helps with your Bloomboard pic or Twitter profile pic, be sure to see Cathy, Gina, or Mary. They have it perfected! :)

Happy Tweeting!

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Meet Shayla Pace!

Shayla Pace is our new Fourth grade Literacy/Social Studies teacher. Here's a little about her in her own words:

I grew up in Bentonville, Arkansas, but have lived in Monticello for the past four years. I married my best friend, Jack (Morgan) Pace, this past June. We are now excited to be expecting our first baby, Colt William, in May! We also have three sweet dogs, Georgia, Livvy, and Flannel. I was an Americorps for MIS a couple years ago and fell in love with the school and staff. I feel so blessed and excited to begin my teaching career at such a great school!
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Tuesday, 4/28 Progress reports go home

3rd Grade Level Mtg.

Wednesday, 4/29 Fourth grade Field Trip to Delta Nature Center in Pine Bluff

Thursday, 4/30 Artifacts due for all teachers in Bloomboard

5th Grade Level Mtg.

Friday, 5/1 4th Grade Level Mtg.


Check out what's going on in the Classroom this week concerning being a champion for your students. After all, every child deserves a champion.