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By: Danielle Del Buono/ December 1-5, 2014

What Happened This Week?

ELA- We had a great week learning about the long o sound. We watched a video to help us remember this sound and a link is below! Your children are becoming more fluent readers and moving up in their reading levels. This week we learned about contractions! We found out why we have them, and how to make them. I, Doctor Del Buono, conducted major word surgury and cut letters off words and stitched words back together, which left a "scar" called the apostrophe. We also learned about sequencing. We talked about how order is important when telling a story or giving directions. To practice, they wrote a narrative on how to make a smore. After the directions were completed, we followed our directions and made our own smores! I worked very closly with your children in our guided reading groups on these specific skills and I enjoyed every moment of seeing their lightbulbs go off to understand the skills.

Math- We had our math test on Unit 4 and we all did extremely well! I am so proud of them. We started topic 5 where we will be adding math facts up to 20! We are also learning our doubles facts from 6-10 so it can help us with our addition and subtraction facts. Let's make sure we are practicing our doubles facts! Here's a link to the doubles rap from numbers 6-10 to have fun at home!

Social Science- This week we read a book called "The Great Kapok Tree" and found out from the animal perspective why we should save the rainforest. We also became geologists for a day and studied rocks and minerals by looking at the color, feeling the hardness and measured how tall and long our rocks were.

Doubles Doubles (I Can Add Doubles!) (6-10 Version)
Between the Lions: Dixie Chimps - "Home Is Where Long o Is""

Teachers Assistant: Mr. Karbach

Mr. Karbach cashed in 25 Browne Bucks to be the teachers assistant for the day. He conducted morning meeting, wore the in class microphone, gave the class tally marks for great group behavior, and walked beside me in the line like a teacher would! Awesome behavior Mr. Karbach! Let's keep getting those Browne Bucks so we can cash in for cool prizes.
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Smore Time

Rocks Rocks Rocks!

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