The demands of the population

BY: Maritoni Naranjo 5A #18

The demands of workers and middle class peasant

The working population in the hope to establish new goverment to improve their working conditions and quality of life, mainly demanding land distribution fair wages respect for labor rights and organization.

The formation of trade unions and other associations strenghtened the ability of workers to make their demands vouchers. However availing of the incorporation of the large labor organizations (Confederation of workers of Mexico) peasant ( National Peasent Confederation) and populars ( National Confederation of popular Organizations) the stucture of the goverment ruling calved could keep control of the demands of the working population.

It does not stop othe independient workers organizations, their rejection abuse by their employers and goverment actions. On several occasions the goverment managed to contain the protests through agreements and negotiation other repress sometimes by force and imprisoned their leaders like Demetrio Vallejo who led the strike of railway workers in 1959.

Political Freedoms and the Govermnet

In the 1960s increased the dissatisfaction with the lack of political freedoms and goverment inattention to the demands of the working poplation. During the presidency of Adolfo Lopez Mateos (1958-1964) , for example 2,358 strikes ocurred. Between 1964 and 1965 several hospitals in the country were affected by he strike of medical residents of the hospital 20 of November.