News from Mrs. Schiavoni's Fourth Grade

The Heart of the School Year!

It is crazy to think that we have reached the half-way point of our school year! Right now we are in the "heart" of fourth grade! We have so much going on, both academic and JPF (Just Plain Fun!). Thank you for your continued support this year. Open communication between home and school is so important. I do hope your fourth grader is sharing with you all that goes on each school day. We certainly keep busy! (The photo on the right is from a STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) activity we completed earlier in the month).

Science Investigations

So Many Resources...

The internet is jam packed with some amazing resources for our class to use. Google Classroom has become an important part of our morning routine. I'm so excited that so many students are using google docs and google classroom at home. Students can write stories, articles, letters, even plays collaboratively without even being in the same room!

Every student has a "Tech ID" in their M.O.O.S.E. binders with a list of websites we use to practice math, ELA, and even science. I have cut back on paper and pencil homework in hopes that more students would make use of these resources for review. I've also been trying to add new sites to check out on our Google Classroom page. I encourage everyone to work 15-20 minutes each night on Scootpad, Spelling city, IXL, Frontrow, even Typing Club! These are all such worthwhile resources.

English/Language Arts

We have been learning how to read non-fiction texts this month. Previewing the text, making connections, annotating the text, summarizing and synthesizing information are all ways we can wrap our arms around challenging texts.

Persuasive writing has been our focus in ELA as well. Everyone has chosen a thesis statement... something they feel strongly about. We are using our chromebooks to gather some evidence and supporting facts in order to write a convincing persuasive essay!

Rays, Line Segments, and Protractors... Oh My!

The class has done such a great job learning to use protractors to measure angles! I love to watch them work so neatly and carefully to measure and create accurate angles! It has been a nice break from the difficult module on multiplication and division!

A Soldier's Life

Thursday, Feb. 4th, 9:30am

60 Tanglewood Drive

South Glens Falls, NY

Our fourth grades will be visited by presenters from Fort Ticonderoga to share "A Soldier's Life." Our students will learn about the routines and hardships experienced by the soldiers during the 1700's. We are looking forward to this and thank Fort Ticonderoga for the generous discount!

Tanglewood Movie Night

Friday, Feb. 5th, 7pm

60 Tanglewood Drive

South Glens Falls, NY

Tanglewood Home/School Association is holding Tanglewood Movie Night! The doors open at 6:45 pm, with Hotel Transylvania 2 beginning at 7:00 pm.

Spirit Week

Monday, Feb. 8th, 9am to Friday, Feb. 12th, 3:15pm

60 Tanglewood Drive

South Glens Falls, NY

Monday, February 8: Bulldog Pride Day! Fourth Graders should wear RED!

Tuesday, February 9: Dress Like a Teacher Day

Wednesday, February 10: Hat Day

Thursday, February 11: "Cause" Day! Does your family have a special cause you support?

Friday, February 12:

  • Walk-a-Thon for Marathon! Wear Red and Blue
  • Valentine Box Contest for Fourth Grade
  • Valentine's Day Classroom Party