It's a wonderful FREE world

By Keisha Jackson Block 3

A Democracy

A form of government where everyone gets rights and freedoms. People follow laws and have responsibilities that follow these freedoms.

The Big Cheese!

The leader of a democracy is the President. They're chosen by the people who vote for them. The powers that the President gets are

  • Veto laws and bills
  • Command our armed forces
  • Negotiate treaties
  • Create foreign polices

Who has a Democracy anyway?

Some examples of countries that have are

  • United States
  • Japan
  • France

And so much more!

The United States Current President is Barak Obama!

Some Of Our World's Leaders

Guaranteed Your Rights!

The Legislature?! Who's making all these laws?!

The laws are made by our wonderful Legislative Branch! They're made up the House of Reps and the Senate.

What does means for us?

Like I said before, Citizens have many rights and freedoms but it comes the responsibilities you have that follow. Being a good citizen helps your community thrive to be better!

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