French and Indian War


North America in 1750

-France & Natives join sides t defeat Britain

-Territory is being taken over

-Fur trade & land along the rivers

-Want Britain out

Everyone wants the land because of water

-Ways to travel fast & trade easier

-fresh water

-Source of food

Part one:

  • -France is beating Britain
  • -British soldiers are at a disadvantage
  • -Not used to territory
  • -Fight like gentlemen
  • - Easy targets
  • -British soldiers die fast in battles

Part two:

  • -William Pitt controls Britain forces
  • -Colonies are forced to: quarter soldiers, join army, & give supplies
  • -They have hopes of getting lost land with these extra forces and supplies
  • -Quebec falls to Britain in 1759
  • -Treaty of Paris is signed in 1763

Colonial Unit:

  • First time there's an attempt to unify colonies
  • Benjamin Franklin proposes:
  • -each colony creates its own constitution
  • -grand council decides on issues: military, natives, settlement
  • Franklin proposal wasn't adopted

New Boundaries:

  • Britain gains all of France's land (east of the might Mississippi river)
  • -includes much of todays Canada
  • Spain join in the war of France's side
  • -lost Florida to Britain
  • -Gained Louisiana territory from their ally France

War Debt:

  • War cost England a lot
  • King George III has colonies pitch in to cover half of war costs
  • Started much animosity between the colonies and Britain

Effects on Natives:

  • All natives came together for one purpose: wanting Britain out
  • Pontiac organized 7 Native nations and began a rebellion: 7 years of war and blood
  • Pace treaty in 1766
  • -Proclamation of 1773: all land West is for Natives, no colonies can settle west
  • -Unable to enforce this bam

How does G.W.’s involvement in the French and Indian War mold his path as an important US figure?

George Washington's involvement in the war molded his path as important in the U.S. because he has made a change. With becoming the first president and bring his ideas into place, he began the seven years of war.