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Week 6 Roundup

I hope you are enjoying the weekend and that the idea of having a week off is giving you a little boost of motivation and mental rest. This article is written by a seasoned CC parent who has experience in every age and stage of home education, CC in particular.

Lessons From the Road

Remember there is no CC -- Foundations through Challenge -- next Tuesday (Oct. 13). Enjoy your break, but keep drilling that memory work and copying charts Foundations and Essentials families.

Spirit Day!

Let's show some CC spirit! On October 27, come to CC dressed as your favorite person from history. More details below. Parents, if you have time and would be willing to bring a festive fall snack to share at lunch, that would be much appreciated! Thanks!

CC in SC Needs -- SC was hit extremely hard by the rain last week. Many families lost everything. A mom from CC Lenoir is collecting donations for families in SC that have lost their homes, curriculum, and more. If you would like to donate, Kelli Symer will collect your items to take to Lenoir. The Lenoir CC Community will deliver the following week. Thanks for considering! Check the CC Boone NC Facebook group for more info.

Student Interview What is Challenge A?

Important Info

Things to Note for Week 7

Week 7 will be on October 20th.

  • Bring Tin Whistles! Our Fine Arts component on Music Theory will run weeks 7 - 12. Your child(ren) will need their tin whistles each week. Tutors will need your help, especially with the younger children, so please be available to jump in and help out.
  • Rain Plans for lunch -- if the weather is not good for picnicking at the park, we have permission to eat in the sanctuary. However, I would ask that you please try to have your children sit and eat for the first 20 minutes. That way we can ensure that our children are at least eating something before the next half of the day begins. Additionally, please stay on top of them about running in the sanctuary. Thank you.

Family Presentations

Week 7 (Oct. 20) -- Straube Family

Week 8 (Oct. 27) -- Evans Family

Week 9 (Nov. 3) -- Sauder Family

Dress Like Your Favorite Historical Character Day!!

Tuesday, Oct. 27th, 9am-12pm

Classical Conversations, Boone, NC

Let's be festive and show some CC spirit!! On Tuesday, October 27th, come to CC dressed as your favorite History Character (not limited to CC weeks 1-6). There will be a prize for everyone who dresses up, as well as special prizes for those who have the most creative costumes! :) Moms and tutors, you are invited to participate, too. Bring a festive fall snack to share.
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