Sumerian Art Lessons

Bored? Nothing to do? Join us now for some great adventures!

What are the art classes like?

Art classes at Miss Grossman's place are the best. We produce many fine products, like pottery, jewelry, and cylinder seals. We also provide the best qualities for the classes. We have a lot of gold pieces, wood, stone, clay, and a lot of other things.

What will we be making?

In these art lesson, we will get to be making jewelry, which is something popular in Sumerian city-states. We will also be making mini-sculptures of the statues in respect of our god. We will also taking time to do our pottery unit and make pots and cup. The last and final thing that we will be making is the cylinder seal. With the cylinder seal, we will be able to provide those who need a cylinder seal when finished with the project.

Where are the classes located?

The classes will be located at my home. I live at 475 Ziggurat Lane, City of Ur. To get there, go to the Ziggurat, and go South two streets. There, I live the second house down.

Cost and Extra Information

The cost for these art lessons are 750 shekels, in order for me to buy more materials for class and pay for the lunches. Yes, lunches will be provided because we will be meeting every Saturday at 11:30am to 1:45pm in order for those students to learn. The 750 shekels will not need to be paid to Miss Grossman by November 28, the day the classes begin, but must be paid by January 22. These lessons will begin on November 28 and the last day will be on March 26. There will be summer lesson beginning for those who are interested. If you want to enroll or have any questions and/or concerns, please contact Miss Grossman. You will be able to meet with her every day at the Ziggurat once the prayers are finished.