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February 2016

National Title 1 Conference

I spent four days in Houston, TX attending the National Title 1 Conference from January 27-January 30. The days were spent surrounded by teachers just like me! The keynote speakers were awesome and spoke to the HEART of teaching struggling students-everything from motivating the unmotivated, being the cheerleader, and celebrating the victories! The breakout sessions were filled with NEW IDEAS, ways to TWEAK what we already have in place, and those that CONFIRMED that we are ON TRACK and doing it RIGHT!

The opening speaker was TV's most famous storyteller--LeVar Burton. Who's that? LeVar is the host and executive producer of Reading Rainbow! Yes, I met this guy along with 3,000 other educators in the room!

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LeVar Burton and his NEW Skybrary

LeVar spoke of inspiring young minds with books! What kinds of books-IT DOESN'T MATTER! We just want kids to READ!

Want to get the attention of today's learners? Add technology for engagement! He has launched his new Skybrary, digital books for kids up to grade 3-4! Get a 14 day FREE trial if you are interested at https://www.readingrainbow.com/skybrary. I have begun using the Skybrary in my classroom with my Kindergarten and First Grade students.


These are 3 vitally important keys for SUCCESS and, when instilled in the lives of children, can change everything!

"Success is not an accident-it's a choice! Make the choice to succeed and determine where you want to be."

"Are the habits you have today on par with the dreams you have for tomorrow?"

-Tara Brown

How powerful! Too many times we jump in before failure can occur...controlled failure is good! Don't tell your child what to do, but rather make them think for themselves, which may include a little floundering.

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According to the U.S. Department of Education, it's ONE of the KEY SKILLS needed to develop in order to succeed in the 21st century...

Why do we NEED GRIT?

GRIT can Make a Difference!

How can you get GRIT?

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Favorite Books

Finding texts that kids can read that line up with that child’s interest is key to choosing books for kids.

See here for great book lists...


Nightly Reading Homework: Best Practices for Parents



Please visit this site for added support at home:


FOCUS QUESTION...What do I need to ask BEFORE reading? WHILE reading? AFTER reading?

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What To Do When Your Boy Hates to Read? 12 SUGGESTIONS! (They work for girls, too!)

I came across this website and found it an interesting read. It's NOT just for boys either! I see GIRLS fighting this same issue with reading. READ ON>>

I hear it a lot. “My boy hates reading. I get him a lot of books but he doesn’t like any of them.” Well, that doesn’t mean he hates to read. But let’s take a look at reading and what we can do to help boys who say they hate it.

I will share exactly what to do if your boy hates reading and how to fix it. Boys who say they hate reading are likely under a lot of pressure to read. The pressure can come from school and/or from home.

Boys who say they hate reading are usually not being listened to. You need to get to the bottom of what they mean by that statement. Do they mean they hate reading the books that they don’t like? I had that problem in school. I hated having someone tell me what to read.

Are you making the assumption that he hates reading because he is not reading what you think he should be reading? Be honest here.

We need to see what the issues are before we can fix them. Since reading is very important in a boy’s learning life we need to get to the bottom of this.

We are going to focus on reading at home and what we can do to help boys. If you keep doing what you have always done, you are going to get the same results. Be willing to take a new approach.

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“101 Days of Positive Words” Include

  • Positive and inspiring words that parents can use every day on their children.

  • Words for Encouraging, Affirming Character and Listening Well.

    Here's the first 15! Try these...

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Dates to Remember

February 14th...Valentine's Day...spend a night in together as a family! Center the evening around LOVE...heart shaped meals, dessert, and a movie or game night!

February 15th...President's Day

February 19th...NO SCHOOL

February 24th...Oakes School Spelling Bee

February 29th...Leap Day!

Tara Steiner

Title 1 Teacher

Oakes Public School

After School Coordinator