The Olympics

By: Mia Cincotta

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1.) Why is it important?

The Olympics was important because it was created to honor their god Zeus. But after Rome conquered Greece in the 140s BCE, the games lost their religious significance.

2.) How did it contribute to society?

It contributed to society by having religious meaning and it was also something fun to do/go to in their community.

6 Interesting Facts

1.) The Olympics where first a 210 yard long race.

2.)They hold the Olympics every 4 years.

3.) The cometition was open to free Greek men and participants from many city-states.

4.) In 393 CE, the Roman emperor Theodosius the 1 banned the games.

5.) Later on they added more games like longer races, wrestling, javelin throwing, and jumping.

6.) Their are now two different Olympics the summer and winter.