Head of School Boot Camp Aug 2-5

Getting You off to a Great Start!

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You will get this screen when you register for the hotel. See highlights in yellow to successfully register.
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New Information

  • Here is the link you need to book the Embassy Suites Hilton Airport Hotel. I have created a direct link for you to create your reservations under the group rate. Once you open the site type in KTW as the group code on the right-hand side to get the reduced rate. Please make reservations by July 20, 2016 in order to secure their reservation at the group rate. Please book directly using the link; do not go through Conur/Atlas travel. I have included a picture above and highlighted in yellow the important information. If you have any issues please reach out to Esther Park, at (703) 464-4460. She can help you get the K12 rate.
  • We are canceling the DC tour. We will do this in October when all of the HOSs can join us and the weather is cooler.
  • We have some additions to our list of leaders who will be joining us. Nich Sutherland will be joining us as a Peer Mentor and Desi Laughlin, William Johnston, Sarah Berger, Sheila Sheibler, Lydia Todd, and Sharon Williams will also be joining us as coaches.
  • Please take pictures during Boot Camp and post them to our HighTail site.
  • The schedule has been updated a bit. Please take a look at the revisions below.
  • The Ready to Launch Boot Camp Premeeting will occur on July 28th at Noon EST in the Lead360 Classroom. Here is the link. If you do not have a calendar invite please let Brandi Maynard know and she will forward it to you.
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What we need from you

Boot Camp Prework

1. Leveraging the K12 Pillars
  • Please read through the new K12 Pillars and be prepared to answer the following questions in small groups of 4 during Boot Camp.
  1. What strengths do you bring to K12 that align with the K12 Pillars?
  2. What K12 Pillar will stretch you the most this year and why?
  3. Which K12 Pillars would you most like to leverage in your school and how do you see yourself doing that successfully.
2. Boot Camp Prework-
  • Read the Press Conference Press Participant Guide and prepare some questions- During the Boot Camp experience, you will take part in a mock press conference with senior leadership at K12. "Journalists" prepare for press conferences by reading the latest information about the topic so they can ask educated questions. Read through the entire Press Conference Participant Guide and come prepared to ask senior leadership in the following departments some questions: Legal, Operations, Enrollment, and Public Affairs. In turn, they will ask you some tough questions too, so come prepared.
  • Review the Leadership Excellence Framework- This document was created to outline the standards needed to be a highly effective K12 school leader. This document is used to recruit, hire, and evaluate HOSs and you will be asked to set some goals to grow in one of these areas. Read through the document to determine which areas you would like to focus on.
3. Ready to Launch! July 28th (Mark the date!)
  • We would like to invite you to a kickoff event for 2016 Boot Camp participants. We want your experience to be as positive as possible and by the end of our kickoff we will know who is going to be in the room, go over the norms we will follow during our time together, and answer any questions you may have before arriving. We will meet Thursday, July 28, Noon-1PM EST. The invitation is in your inbox.
4. Special Education Prework5. Think about 3 positive talking points you can share about your school
  • Please come prepared with at least 3 positive talking points about your school that you can use if the media decides to ask you some challenging questions.
6. Let's make the learning space our own
  • Please contribute to the learning space by bringing something from home. This might be a centerpiece, a poster for the wall, a stuffed animal you love or anything else to make the space more inviting. We know that space is limited in your luggage so feel free to keep it small. I am bringing a rain chain to hang from the door. This will make the training room homey for all of us. We will bring in some plants. Perhaps you want to sit on a pillow or wear your bunny slippers. Whatever makes you comfortable, bring it.

7. In order to find out who is in the room please prepare one slide and email it to Brandi that visually represents you!

  • A picture of you
  • Something that energizes you
  • Something that drives you crazy
  • What is your favorite food
  • One interesting fact about you

Below is an example!

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Upcoming Deadlines

2016 Boot Camp Basics

HOS Boot Camp

Tuesday, Aug. 2nd, 8:30am to Friday, Aug. 5th, 12pm

2300 Corporate Park Dr. Herndon, VA 20171

Exceptional schools leaders are purposefully developed through individualized, strength-based, and data-driven professional development. The HOS Boot camp is designed to develop new school leader effectiveness and school outcomes.

*Shuttle Service leaves the Embassy Suites Hotel to the corporate offices at 8am each morning.

Important information

Getting off to a successful start as a leader is important to your long-term success and to the success of the school. Thank you for being willing to share your knowledge and experience with Head of Schools through our Boot Camp experience.

Booking Travel & Accommodations

As you book travel for this event, please note that Boot Camp sessions will begin early Tuesday morning, August 2nd and will end mid-day on Friday, August 5th. It is recommended that participants schedule travel for Monday, August 1st for an early start on Tuesday and also schedule return flights for Friday, August 5th after 2pm EST.


It is recommended that you fly into Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) which is only a few miles from the K12 Corporate Offices.


We will stay together in at the Embassy Suites by Hilton. Embassy Suites offers spacious 2 room suites, a complimentary cooked-to-order full breakfast and an evening reception featuring beer, wine, premium spirits and light snacks.

  • Here is the link you need to book the Hotel. Please book by July 25th.
  • Shuttles will be provided every morning, leaving the Embassy Suites at 8am. If you prefer to walk, the hotel is not far from the K12 offices.
  • There are restaurant options in the hotel and right across the street. We will eat together at the Stone Cove Kitbar on Wednesday evening. Check out the menu.

Car Rentals and Parking at K12

Renting a car is not necessary. We will have shuttles to take you back and forth to the office. For those who decide to rent cars, please note that Parking is extremely important at the K12 office. The reserved spaces in front of the building are for corporate visitors who come into the office to meet with the executives for an hour or two. Anyone staying the entire day, or days, can park in any space in the lot or in the parking garage out back. However, the first two reserved K12 parking rows are for executives. The last two K12 reserved rows are on a first come first serve basis. That is the first two rows nearest the building. There is parking available behind the parking garage also.

Meeting location

Boot Camp will be held at the K12 corporate office. The address to the K12 corporate office is below. The rooms at K12 can get cool sometimes, so if you have a light jacket, bring that to be on the safe side. We will be meeting on the first floor. When you walk in the front doors, the meetings rooms will be behind the reception desk on the left side of the lobby.

K12 Inc.

2300 Corporate Park Drive

Herndon, VA 20171

Breakfast will be provided each morning at the hotel and lunch will be provided each day on-site. We will have at least three planned dinners during the week as a group and the other dinners will be on your own. Dietary Restrictions: Please send an email to Michelle Frederick if you have any dietary restrictions.

DC Tour (Optional)- Tuesday Night

  • New Information: We are canceling this tour and offering it in October when all of the HOSs can join us and the weather will be better.
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Peer Mentors

We have a special group of leaders who will be joining us to act as peer mentors as you go through the Boot Camp experience. These mentors will guide, support, and mentor you through the experience and will walk alongside you throughout the year as you learn and grow as a HOS.
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About Us

The Lead360 team leads the design, development, execution, and evaluation of national programs that build exceptional school leadership across K12’s network of managed schools. The team coordinates school, regional and national efforts to improve leadership practice and school outcomes.