The Ecosystem of a Jack Rabbits

By : Deepthi, Bhavana, Kameron, Mahek and Sri

Jack Rabbits

Jack rabbit live in places that have warm climate and in a dessert. They live also in open spaces such as prairies. Grass, bark, and leaves are needed in the ecosystem of a Jack Rabbit. Trees, ants and grass hoppers are sometimes in the there living space. In a Jack rabbit habitat soil, rocks and water are found in the ecosystem. Air, sunlight and sand are in it's ecosystem.

Food Chain

This food chain is the Jack Rabbit's . There are producers, consumers, herbivores, carnivores and decomposers. The prouducer is grass, the herbivore and the 1st level consumer is the Jack Rabbit. A rattlesnake ( most snakes eat Jack rabbits) is a carnivore and the 2nd level consumer. Eagles and Hawks eat the rattlesnake and are carnivores and the 3rd level consumers. The decomposer is worms. The sun is our source of energy.
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Food Web

This is the food web of a Rabbit. A rabbit and ostrich eat grass.A snake, fox, and a owl will eat a Jack rabbit. A hunting dog will eat a ostrich. A hawk will eat a snake, a bear will eat a fox. The decomposers are snails, mushrooms, and worms.
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Hunting and Not Hunting

If you want to hunt rabbits, it should not be over 20. You will also have to make sure that they not under populated. If you don't want to hunt rabbits that is good but bad in the same way. They will be over populated, and if they are over populated then you will probably have rabbits eating your vegetables in your garden. You will also have to stop in middle the road to let it cross. I think you can hunt but do not over hunt.

Human Impact

Human Impact to rabbits are when we hunt so many rabbits that in the ecosystem there will be a low number of rabbits and they will go some where else and in that place they will get over populated. You should not run over rabbits because that's when the species can get under populated.