Cougar Times

March/April 2015

Third and Fourth Music Program

This month 3rd and 4th grade students performed their music program. Mrs. Stoll was responsible for creating the program and teaching students what the words and songs. They performed for the school in the afternoon, and for family and friends later that night. Both performances were in the school gym.

The theme for third grade was space and our solar system. The theme the 4th grade was folk songs.

2015 3rd Grade Space Concert Medium
2015 Partnerama 4th Grade

Pizza Bingo

Have you ever been to Pizza Bingo? As a student council member I thought it was pretty cool. You were able to play bingo and eat pizza.

Everybody loved the pizza! Mrs. Reed, one of our student council sponsors, had to make three trips to L’il Ceasar’s for more pizza. Students enjoyed hanging out with friends and playing bingo.

They gym was packed with people, and it was a lot of responsibility for student council. It felt like five hours, but it was only an hour.

We encourage you to go to Pizza Bingo next year. It is a very good time to bond with our school family and friends.

Battle of the Books

Welcome to Battle of the Books!

This was an event for 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. Students, and their teammates, would each read one book each month, and write questions for that book. Then they would come to the monthly meetings to ‘battle’ other teams. This battling was where two teams sat together and asked the other team the questions that they wrote that month. The other team would have to answer the title and author exactly correct. If they didn’t they wouldn’t get any points. They did this for a couple of months until the last meeting that was the school battle.

In the school battle on February 26th, all the teams were put on a double elimination bracket to battle with the other teams with moderators and strict time limits. It was surprisingly fast paced and very nerve racking. The top four teams in the bracket were taken to the Monarch High School for the district battle.

At the district battle on March 2nd, all the teams from La Vista West, Carriage Hill, Parkview Heights, and G. Stanley Hall were put into a single elimination tournament by drawing out of a hat.

Everyone battled their assigned teams to move ahead in the tournament. After all the teams were battled and only two teams remained (Parkview and G. Stanley), they battled in front of everyone at two tables. The winner was……G. Stanley! Congrats!

Being part of one of the Carriage Hill teams was fun and very exciting. I hope the next Battle of the Books people will enjoy it as much as I did.

The NeSA Prep Rally

The NeSA Prep Rally was held to help third through sixth grade students get ready and lessen their tension for the big tests. When they entered the gym they were greeted by loud music and a lot of high fives by the younger grades and teachers who formed a line, and a curve, to the spot where you sat. After you walk through the line of people, you will felt a lot more confident about the test!

We also watched a music video prepared by the teachers and sixth grade students that introduced our testing theme this year, “I’m Gonna Do Great!”

2015 NeSA Final