Friday Focus

January 29, 2016

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

Thanks to the math team for providing the "Payday Breakfast" this morning. It was great to gather together to eat and visit for a few minutes to start the day.

How about this weather for January 29? Isn't it awesome? It's looking great for the weekend too. And that's a good thing for members of our Character Council and a few others, including Debbie Caufield and Officer Morrison. They will be taking the Polar Plunge in Springfield to raise money for Special Olympics.

I've mentioned before the benefits of using Twitter as a source for ideas and resources for your classroom. I wanted to give you some specific tips that you might find useful. You can use these tools even if you don't have a Twitter account. It's just searching Twitter to find information that is relevant to you.

Did you know? There are hashtags for nearly every subject area. Teachers in your content area are sharing ideas, information, and resources. Keep in mind a hashtag is sort of like choosing a TV station (ESPN for sports, HGTV for home, etc). Posts are tagged so that it's easy to find posts that are relevant to your interests.

Below is a partial list. Click on the link to view the thread. I didn't list every area, but there is undoubtedly a community in your subject area sharing on Twitter. Even if you don't actively contribute, you can find some great information.

#scichat - science chat

#sschat - social studies chat

#engchat - English teachers chat

#elachat - English language arts chat

#mathchat - math chat

#physed - physical education

Here's another Twitter tip. Instead of using a Google search to look for information you might need. Try doing an advanced Twitter search. I often have much better luck finding interesting, helpful information here than with a Google search.

You can search by multiple operators like hashtag, keyword, specific Twitter user, etc. You don't even need a Twitter account to do this.

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A few articles I found interesting...

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