Teresa Yang

The Eighth Grader.


Throughout life, you might know some people who you have known for a long period of time, and you might come to the conclusion that you know them. Albeit the period of time you knew them is long, you might not know them well enough. That was my experience recently when our teacher gave us this assignment. I've known Teresa since I was in grade 2, yet I've never really known her. I wasn't aware of her interests, family, or even what pets she had. I was pretty interested when she stated she owned a turtle. She's always the quiet one in the room; though there are some situations where that isn't the case. While I was asking her questions, she wasn't the one to be a deep thinker. Some of the questions I asked were remaining unanswered, as she couldn't obtain an answer. I didn't mind.

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About Teresa

Though some of my questions remained undetermined, I still got the opportunity to find out more about this old acquaintance of mine. I've found out little things about her such as her favourite colour being purple. Or the fact that she was born in Toronto, Ontario on September 23, 2002. Her hobbies consist of drawing, painting, and origami. I've learnt of her distate for compliment fishing, school, and ice cream; for it melts too fast. Her likes consist of animals, ramen noodles, games, music, and movies. Because of this love for animals, she strives to become a veterinarian. Another fun fact about her is that if she could say one word for the rest of her life, it'll be "Hi". Her favourite school subjects include Art and Music, she plays the flute. She covets the ability to play the drums, guitar, or the violin as well. Another thing I've learnt about her is that her nightmares are the thing she's petrified of the most.


Again, if I learn about her, I’d learn about her family life as well. She has an older sister who’s becoming fifteen years of age while her younger brother who is currently nine. The sister is named Lucia and the brother is Richard. Her mom’s name is Rose and dad is Zhi Fong. She normally gets along with her siblings well, though they still get upset at each other a few times a week. Some other additions to her family include her seven pets; a turtle and six fish. She describes her turtle as fast, and one of her fishes is larger than the other five.

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Places Teresa has visited or lived

I’ve discovered the locations she’s lived in as well. She’s only lived in Toronto, and Mississauga. She would like to visit Tokyo, Japan and Peru. She described living in Toronto as pretty, but polluted and filled with litter.

Though I know this much about her, there’s still much more to learn. My outlook on her kind has changed, as I know some more things about her. I always thought her as a quiet, reserved type. Now I know that she could still easily be talkative and all that. This assignment made me think that though I know someone, I don’t know much about him or her. Next time I meet someone, I’ll definitely make sure to ask some more questions. It’s interesting to learn more about someone, as you don’t know what you might find out. The pieces of information you find out may change your attitude towards some, for better or for worse. Hopefully it’s for better.

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