PJ Math News

Everything You Need to Know as Our AQ Wraps Up!

Thursday's Class Will Be Action Packed!!

This Thursday, May 26, we will be moving quickly so our time will fly. Could you please bring your copy of Making Math Meaningful by Marian Small if you have one available? I have an exciting new video that I am looking forward to sharing as well!!

Saturday's Special Guest

On Saturday, May 28, my friend Mike Davis will be coming to speak about equity in the math classroom. He is a retired Halton DSB educator and very knowledgeable. I'm sure you will enjoy him.

Before Mike begins, we will be talking about Data Management and Probability. You will again need Making Math Meaningful by Marian Small if you have one handy.

Breakfast provided! :)

Mark Your Calendar: You Don't Want to Miss June 2 ... Starring YOU!!

FAQ for Inquiry Presentations

1. Do I need a PowerPoint presentation?

Absolutely not! These presentations are very informal.

2. Can I have a PowerPoint or can I project something if I want to?

Absolutely! Just make sure your device will hook up to the projector, OR email your submission to me by Wednesday June 1 so that I can start a folder for anyone who wants to project.

3. How long does my presentation need to be?

You will have up to 10 minutes MAX! Five to 10 minutes is typical. Because of the number of presentations, we will have to stay to this timeline, so you will be given a warning at 8 minutes so that we don't have to cut anyone off.

4. Do I need to provide handouts?

No, you don't need a handout. If there is something that you want to share, or that others ask you to share after your presentation, we will use the portal for this.

5. What am I supposed to talk about?

Here is a typical presentation "in a nutshell": Explain the focus of your inquiry, why you were interested in that topic, a general description of your focus group (if applicable), what did you try/do, what did you discover, and any next steps you have identified. Leave a little time for questions because you know we will be fascinated!

Our Final Class on June 9

Our final class on June 9 will contain many bits and pieces. Your final inquiry write-up is due. We will be completing the course evaluation. I will wrap up any final course content (I call this synectics).

Since I realize this is prime report card time, I would like to suggest that instead of going out for a celebration, we might want to include a social time as part of our evening. We can talk about this on Thursday, May 26.