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Are We Really Protected?

3D Gun Printing...

My answer to the question above is no, we are not least as much as we think we may be, and that's because of 3D gun printing. 3D gun printing is a relatively cheap and easy way of making your own gun or gun parts which also happen to have no serial numbers upon them. You can do this using only a cheap 3D printer and free CAD software right from the safety of your own home. If anyone is going to get around gun control and gun laws using today's advanced technology then it will almost certainly be using a 3D printer. If youd like to watch an in depth documentary bout this subject here is a link:

“The goal is not to get guns into as many hands as possible, the goal is simply to provide access. The goal is to say, ‘in this world, in the world we want to create, anyone who wants access to a firearm can have access. Because we believe that is a right that no one should be allowed to infringe. Especially political actors.” - Cody R Wilson


If people are going to get around gun control in anyway using today's technology it's going to be 3D printing. Why? because 3D printers and their material are relatively cheap, and there are blueprints readily available to anyone online to download put into their CAD software and begin printing their new firearm within minutes and potentially going on a mass homicide within hours, although that may seem unrealistic with the quality and the faultiness of these printed firearms within the next few years as technology progresses and with more trial and error we could see high quality fully functional and reliable firearms and firearm parts being printed, the question then becomes; whose printing the guns? Is it your friendly neighbor? Or is it the mentally unstable individual a couple blocks down from your house?

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