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Weekly Newsletter - January 15th, 2016

Chart Your Course Preview: Advanced Academics

How do I choose between AP (Advanced Placement) and Dual Credit courses?

The answer to this question does not always have to be one or the other, students may chose to take some content through the AP program and other content through the Dual Credit program. Let’s look at the advantages of each so that you can make the choice that is best for you.

AP or Advanced Placement prepares students through a standardized rigorous curriculum to pass an end of course test that proves their mastery of the course content. Advantages include:

  • Nationally recognized curriculum so college credit with a qualifying score on the AP exam is widely accepted at colleges across the US.
  • Texas state funded colleges must accept an AP score of 3 or higher for college credit.
  • Studies show a correlation between students who are successful in AP courses are more likely to achieve better grades and completion rates in college.
  • Successful completion of AP courses can be a deciding factor in the college admissions process.
  • Enhanced grade-points are a reward for the increase in work-load.
  • No cost to students for the course but there is a fee to take the end of course exam required to be eligible for college credit. The exam fee this year is $92.

Other factors to consider:

  • Classes are taught at a college level which can create a lot of stress depending on other demands such as work, extra-curricular, and other advanced courses.
  • Advanced Placement courses are not offered in all high school courses.
  • Earning college credit regardless of performance is dependent on the college the student chooses to attend. A qualifying score on an AP exam could be granted credit at one college and denied at another.
  • Even when a college accepts an AP course for credit, they may choose to only grant an elective credit rather than the credit that the AP course is supposed to represent.

Dual Credit courses allow students to enroll in college courses while they are still in high school, allowing them to earn credit for both. Advantages include:

  • Students earn college credit from the partnering college.
  • Classes are taught by college professors
  • Students can ease into the rigor of college work by taking one or two classes while also earning high school credit.
  • Students gain experience accessing college resources such as online data-bases, libraries, tutors, etc.

Other factors to consider:

  • Students must meet the same enrollment requirements as other college students such as achieving an acceptable score on an entrance exam.
  • Students must pay for tuition, fees, and books. (some reduction is possible depending on family income) Cost is dependent on the college where the course originates.
  • If a student fails a college course, their ability to qualify for financial aid or continue taking college courses can be negatively impacted
  • Credits earned will transfer to any Texas public college. Transfer to private colleges and out of state colleges is subject to each university’s transfer credit policies.

Ultimately both options can work for students. While there are challenges with each type of advanced class, students will benefit from pushing themselves to learn the study skills and work habits required of a college student. The academic and financial benefits of taking AP and Dual Credit course work can help students earn up to a full year of college credit getting their college career off to a quick start.

Renee Pentecost


Little Elm High School

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LEISD will host its annual Chart Your Course Secondary Showcase event on Wednesday; January 27th from 6:30-8:30 PM at Little Elm High School. This is an annual opportunity specifically for all 5-11th grade students and parents! Attendees will have the opportunity to view all of the curriculum opportunities offered within LEISD, and begin the planning process for future coursework and success! Last year we had a huge turnout and the general response was that this event was a great way to interact with teachers, ask questions, obtain information, and generally see everything LEISD has to offer for secondary students. This year’s theme will be STAR WARS! Administrators, counselors, staff, students, and translators will be on site to assist you, as needed. Please mark your calendars now and make plans to attend this tremendously informative event designed to help all LEISD secondary students Chart Your Course for success! Make plans now to attend. You can click HERE for more information and the event flyer.

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LEHS Fine Arts

The Spitfire Grill

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LEHS Students make Texas All State Choir!

This past Saturday, Jake Kassen and I took Piero Centurion, Brandon Sears, and Sam Kirchner to Abilene to compete in the final round of auditions for the Texas All State Choir!!

Sam got 8th chair Bass I, Brandon Sears got 3rd chair, Bass II, and Piero Centurion got 1ST CHAIR, Tenor II. Sam will perform in the Men's choir and Brandon and Piero will perform in the Mixed choir. They went through 4 auditions to get to this choir! Congratulations to these young men!

We are Lobo Proud!!

Karen Mayberry

Choir Director

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LEHS Sculpture Students Compete in National Show

This year, a handful of our Sculpture students at LEHS are giving it all they’ve got and applying to a highly reputable national show. The show, “K12”, is being hosted at the annual NCECA Conference this year in Kansas City. Again, this is a National show and students will be competing with schools from across the country. Currently there are over 1300 entries to the show. Join me in wishing our students the best luck with their entries and I hope you’ll hear from me again soon.

The 19th Annual National K-12 Ceramic Exhibition will take place at NCECA 2016. The Annual National K-12 Ceramic Exhibition is the premier juried ceramic competition for Kindergarten through Grade 12 (K-12) students in the United States. Designed to showcase the best K12 ceramic work made in the country, the exhibition takes place in a different city each year in conjunction with the annual conference of The National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA). The NCECA conference is the preeminent ceramic event in the US annually, gathering professionals from universities, colleges, museums, art galleries and the ceramic arts world to a host city to view exhibitions, demonstrations, talks and other ceramic events. For that week, the host city is the world capital of ceramics.

For more information about the competition visit

Thank you for all your support!

Christopher Melia

Art Teacher

View more works on Instagram @ LEHSCLAYERS

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"Larry" by Abigail Katinga
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"Howling Wolf" by Kathrine Neves
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"The Man" by Sophia Willis
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"Anatomical Heart" by Mariah Donohoo


Yearbook Ordering Deadline Approaching!!

The final day to order a 2015-16 LEHS Yearbook is Friday, January 29! Please be aware that we do not order additional yearbooks, so if you'd like to have a copy of this year's book, you must order by this due date.

The cost is $65, and orders may be placed online at or in Room 1229 before or after school. Payment plans are available for online orders only, and online ordering ends at 9 am on January 29.

The 2015-16 book is already receiving rave reviews from those in the yearbook industry who have seen it. It's a book you won't want to miss!

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The LEHS yearbook program is on Twitter!!! Follow us @leb16deal and tag your friends at school events (#lehsbigdeal), and your pictures may be used in this year's book!

LEHS Sports Marketing Class Winners!!

Students from Rodger Hutley's Sports Marketing class at Little Elm High School entered a team in the SCC FFL (Sports Career Consulting Fantasy Football League) Marketing challenge and finished seventh nationally (approximately 50 High Schools started out and 20 finished) and first in Texas. The Little Elm High School management team consisted of Juniors Blake Boughey, Jared Troxclair and Brandon Bivins. The team prepared a comprehensive sports marketing plan for an imaginary new NFL franchise called the Toronto Owls. Our project was recognized by the judges as having proposed the best overall fan experience strategy.

Blake, Jared and Brandon are huge sports fans who are planning careers in the Sports business field after college. Sports Marketing is a CTE class that is part of the Marketing cluster taught at Little Elm High School. Sports Marketing and Sports Management are two of the fastest growing college majors and according to Price Waterhouse this $57 billion industry is projected to grow almost 5% a year over the next five years. Blake and Jared will be representing Little Elm High School again as a team at the DECA Career Development conference later in January.

DECA information

DECA meets Thursday's after school in the lecture hall. If you would like to receive information about DECA events, please e-mail Mr. Hutley at from your High School e-mail account.

Help Needed

Little Elm High School offers several different programs to facilitate student learning in the community. These include earning class room credit for paid employment and for unpaid internships (especially health care related). If you are a Little Elm area employer please consider working with our Little Elm High School students. Any students placed through our coop or intern programs will receive industry specific training and oversight from a teacher. E-mail Rodger Hutley, Marketing Teacher at for more information.

Home for the Holidays a Huge Success!!

We had 10 wonderful students from the class of 2015 return to campus this morning to share some very important information about their personal college process with our current juniors. The program was great, I could not have asked for better. The students heard advice such as make sure to take AP and dual credit courses....... take the SAT/ACT now rather than later....... get rid of the lazies, they don't work in college........get used to reading, if you don't like to read too bad you will do lots of it in retesting in college, get that out of your system........get a job and save some money......apply, apply, apply for scholarships......and my favorite of all came from Alex Halliburton who is a member of the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M, "If you think you can't do it you won't, you must get rid of that I can't do it attitude". I have listed the names of the students and colleges they are attending below with pics, enjoy!

Chelsey Jackson - Loyola New Orleans

Jasmine Orta - UTA

Sawyer Kolbe - UNT

Jonathan Villeda - Collin College

Marcus Gonzalez - Texas Tech

Mariessa Mesa UT Austin

Melanie Rodas - UT Austin

Alex Halliburton - Texas A&M

Cheyann Eder - Collin College

Wesley Phillips - Midwestern State

Keisha Brown

College and Career Readiness

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UNT Eagle Advantage Agreement

I am excited to announce that Little Elm ISD will be the next district to sign an agreement with the University of North Texas and their Eagle Advantage program. This program offers great benefits to our students reaching as far the middle schools. Although there are many benefits to this program, the one I am most excited about is the opportunity for any student from Little Elm HS who ranks in the top 20% of their class at the end of their junior year being offered automatic admission to UNT regardless of SAT or ACT scores. If they decide to attend UNT, these students will also be eligible for a scholarship just for Little Elm students.

On January 29 at 1:30 p.m. we will hold a special ceremony in the gym in which our principal and superintendent will be in attendance, along with administration from UNT. We will also have members of the UNT band and pep squad and student leaders from the university to speak to our students and promote this new partnership. We will invite students who are in the top 20% of their class at this time.

Keisha Brown

College and Career Readiness

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SFA STEM Scholarship

$10,000 per year for eligible Science, Technology, Engineering and Math majors

Scholarships awarded through SFA’s College of Sciences and Mathematics

To be considered you must:

1. Enter SFA as either an incoming freshman or a new transfer student beginning fall 2016

2. Complete the SFA STEM Scholarship application and return it to the dean’s office by 5 p.m. April 1, 2016

3. Declare a STEM major

4. Submit at least one letter of recommendation from a STEM teacher

5. Enroll as an incoming freshman with a math SAT/ACT of at least 600/26

6. Advance through the interview process with the STEM scholarship committee

For more information about this scholarship contact Vicki Shimer by email at or by phone at 936-468-5197

Download the application packet at

The Don't Mess with Texas Scholarship

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CTE Student Scholarships


Mahindra USA Inc. and the Career and Technology Association of Texas have announced scholarship opportunities for Texas high school seniors participating in career and technical education to apply for $1000 college scholarships. Deadline to apply is March 31, 2016. Please click here for more information.

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Scholarship Opportunity

I would like take this opportunity to invite your students to submit their application to our scholarship program. Texas Farm Credit established a scholarship program for seniors who are graduating and pursuing a college degree in an agriculture-related field of study. This may include agricultural business, animal science, agricultural economics, and others. Our organization awards five, one-time scholarships in the amount of $2,000.00.

Click HERE to access the application.

Wendy Swift | HR Manager | Texas Farm Credit

1307 Dominion Plaza, Tyler TX 75703 | O: (903) 617-5353 | C: (903) 253-2821 | F: (877) 206-8334

Attendance Reminders

. Official Attendance-Taking Time: 3rd period (10:40 – 11:30 regular schedule; 10:30 – 11:15 activity schedule)

· A Parent’s Note after an absence must be submitted within 3 days after returning to school.

· A Doctor’s Note is required after an Absence for five or more consecutive days. A doctor’s note is required for any absence beginning with the 6th absence within any semester.

· A Doctor’s Appointment where the student attends school for part of the day and returns with a doctor’s note is not counted as an absence. Please avoid scheduling doctor’s appointments during the official attendance period.

· Excused Absences - A student who is absent (excused) shall be permitted to make up work and will receive one day/class meeting for each consecutive day/class meeting’s absence to turn in make-up work or to obtain any information covered during the absence. In general, absences will be excused for the following reasons:

o Personal Illness.

o Doctor’s Appointments

o Court Appearance

o Family emergency if the principal is contacted prior to the absence.

o Death in family

o Religious holy days.

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