The Chinese Revolution

By:Jose Torres

Summarize Information

The Chinese revolution was caused by the Soviets wanting to expand communism.China had been under Manchu rule and resistance to foreign innovations. The Chinese lost many of the things that made the Chinese. Also, China was not able to modernize itself so Chinese economy was outdated. China did not start to modern itself until 1911 when Manchu emperor was overthrown by followers of Sun-Yat-Sen.The new leader wanted to build a new and improved modern China. Overall the communist party wanted to create an equal status between people. They also wanted to increase industries and make that the main focus for the economy. In the other hand, the Nationalist expanded by Yuan Shikai and it became the first year they expanded in the Chinese republic in 1912. The Chinese people impacted by the revolution because as we know now is that the communist party wanted to rebuild a new China and so it completely reform a new Chinese society.

What causes did the Chinese Revolution had after the war?

The Chinese Revolution caused the Chinese people to modern it's society.China wanted to make sure that the new China can focus on creating new industries.China believes that having more industries will be better for the economy. Also, China was not a powerful country because the country was well outdated that many other countries became stronger than China.The Chinese revolution started because of the conflict between the communist party and nationalist party each one of them wanted to change China for the better.During the Chinese revolution many things were going on but for the most part it was a time where new inventions started to come in, It was the time for people to try new things and make their life easier.


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