It's Me Again...

September 6th

An Oopsie

I was reviewing the September Newsletter that we sent out last week and found an "oopsie." On the "home connection" portion of the newsletter, it mentions the "PAW Patrol Sheet." This was an oopsie that was not revised. There is no Paw Sheet this year, so I didn't want you to think you were missing something!

Lunch Number

Please take this long weekend to practice your child's lunch number. This number was sent home recently for review.

Lunch Boxes

Thank you again for helping your child to independently open all his/her lunchbox items. Having so many children who bring lunchboxes helps so very much with the limited amount of time we have in the cafeteria and offers the opportunity for them to go ahead and sit down and begin eating as we enter the cafeteria each day.

High Frequency Words

The children will be assessed next week on reading their 25 Kindergarten High Frequency Words from last year. Please take time to practice as needed. Those words were recently sent home in another reminder.

Tennis Shoes

Please have your child to wear a comfortable pair of socks and tennis shoes whenever possible. Your help with this safety measure is much appreciated!

Please confirm...

...that you have received this "It's Me Again" reminder.