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A warm welcome to everyone visiting Ishdeep Binepal's Me Project. This Smore is created to help me have the opportunity to further explore factors that affect me and to help you learn more about who I am! Scroll along for a short personal interview with me!

-Ishdeep Binepal

Who Am I?

Well, to start off my name is Ishdeep Binepal, which I'm pretty sure you already know, and I am a grade 10 student at LASS. I was born on May 1 in Vancouver, BC. I currently live with my parents, younger brother, and grandma! My grandpa, my favourite person in this whole world, unfortunately, passed away when I was 11. My family is the most beloved and important thing to me. I know that through my academic career they are always by my side supporting me and encouraging me to always give my best for my education! I like to spend time with my family and best friend, do Bhangra, and cherish every fun moment of my life! I am really funny and adventurous person but I am also very dedicated and responsible. I am someone who tries my best in school and enjoy studying science I am someone who has a very determined vision of my goals and in the future, I would like to pursue a career in medical sciences.

The "me" of today is a very positive and hard-working person! I like to find joy and happiness in little things and make people around me happy!

Well, enough of who I am now! Let's go on to explore some more aspects of my life.

A Journey Through My Life

May 1, 2016

SWEET SIXTEEN! Happy birthday to me! This birthday is an extremely special birthday for me, because the day of my birthday we had a religious parade called a "Nagar Kirtan." This is an image of my family and I at the Nagar Kirtan. This is also a very memorable birthday for me because in the morning, my best friend, Amneet came to my house and surprised me with a wonderful gift. For my 16th birthday, my parents have also organized a banquet party with all my friends and family on July 9, 2016. I'm so excited!

precious things in my life

my leadership style

My leadership style is a "Leader as a persuader." I am someone who likes to be a persuading leader while working in an environment with other people. As I mentioned above, I am a very positive person and I always like to encourage others and focus on their flaws. I like to motivate others and encourage cooperation from all members by talking to them about their strengths. I like to focus on an individual's strengths rather than their flaws. I mean, everyone is unique, and no one is perfect. If I point out someone else's flaws, I should first take a look at myself. Am I perfect? No. Everyone is talented and special in their own ways. This is a motto I like to live by. I include all team members in making decisions related to the task and I like to use their suggestions and input into the final product. An example of where I exercise this leadership skill is on my Bhangra team. I am the co-captain of the team so I have a lot of responsibilities at hand. And sometimes, things don't go as expected, but positivity is the key for me. Sometime's my team members are not as skilled as others so they need to learn and improve some of their dance steps. I know that people are always learning so I never deal with that person negatively, and I don't criticize them. I know that learning is a process that is always ongoing. I like to encourage others and I like to make them feel special by talking to them about their strengths and abilities. I think that I lead both as a persuader and joiner because I like to deal with positivity, so others are involved in the task, but I dislike making final decisions and end up speaking for the group as a whole.

who influences me?

The people who influence me into being who I am is my family and my best friend, Amneet. My family and Amneet influence the "me" of today because I spend a lot of time with them and they are the closest and most special people in my life.

My family influences me because I am someone who really wants to make my family proud of who I am today and what career I pursue in the future. I am so grateful and blessed for having such a beautiful family, and I really want them to love me for who I am. My family always pushes me to do my best, and I know that throughout my whole life they will be by my side, always encouraging me.

My best friend, Amneet is someone who I am so blessed to have. I have no idea what I would do without her! She is someone who I know is always by my side, and she helps me work on my weaknesses. She encourages me to be the best person I can be. She works very hard towards her goals, which influences me to achieve mine. I’m never afraid to be honest with her, and she's never afraid to be honest with me, even if the truth will hurt. She'll always be real, which is much more helpful anyway. We’re way too close to sugarcoat our opinions anyways. She has several internal factors, such as kindness and dedication which shape me into who I am!

These 2 people are very close people in my life and they shape me into being a better person and achieving my goals!

my role model

My role model and immortal source of inspiration is my grandma. My grandma is someone who is an extremely important part of my life as she is very encouraging. She is the most strongest and supportive person in my life. Ever since I was a kid, she has always been beside me in all of my problems. My grandma always supports me and is extremely approachable. My grandma always looks upon the positive things in life and give very good advice. My grandma has always taught me to be a good person and love and forgive others. She leads a very generous, kind and positive life. I look upon my grandma because having her beside me is truly a blessing.
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family symbols

personality test results

1. My Blueprint-Learning Styles
  • I am an audio-kinesthetic learner that likes to learn by hearing and doing
  • I like to study for tests by talking to myself about the topics and explaining and understanding each of them in depth
2. My Blueprint-Personality

  • The results for me portrayed ESTJ which stands for Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging
  • This is a very accurate for me because I am extremely objective, decisive, driven and like to work by gathering facts and statistics by my personal experiences

3. My Blueprint-Interests

  • My interests portrayed that I am a Sensei
  • I like to use my expertise at an advanced academic level and like to share what I learn with my peers

4. My Blueprint-Knowledge

  • For my knowledge survey, the results portrayed I am academically strong in Science
  • This is a very realistic result for me because in the future, I want to choose a career related to science, such as a medical career
  • I am working towards my goal by choosing courses that will lead me into a medical science program in university

5. My Blueprint-Motivations
  • My top motivation factor is achievement
  • This is an accurate result because I like to use my skills and knowledge to accomplish something
6. My Blueprint-Compatibility and Occupations
  • The compatibility for my desired medical careers were all over 90%
  • Family physician- 95%
  • Cardiologist- 88%
  • Biological Technician- 87%
7. True Colours

  • My top two colors were gold and blue
  • I am ‘gold’ personality because I am very responsible, efficient, obedient, punctual, organized, dependable, and loyal person
  • I am someone who likes to put in my best efforts into all my school work that clearly reflects my hard work, skills, and dedication
  • On the other hand, my other result was blue because I tend to make relationships my first priority
  • I value people’s emotions and like to see and analyze all aspects of an issue
  • I believe that this result describes my academic and family life

8. Right Brain or Left Brain- Similar Minds
  • The results I got depicted that I am a right brain thinker
  • It appeared that I have fairly equal hemispheres
  • I am someone who likes to go up and beyond the expectations
  • Right brain dominant individuals are more visual and intuitive
  • I like to put my creativity in my workpieces, whether that be for academic purposes or for my personal interests
  • I think I am also a slight left brain dominated individual because I like to pay very close attention to accuracy, detail, and order
9. Holland Code Career Test

  • The assessment depicted that I am a “thinker”
  • This means that I am someone who is an Independent Thinker who is normally self-confident and does not let myself get worked up by conflicts and criticism
  • I am someone who likes to put in my best abilities in my work pieces
  • School can be a lot of pressure with all the homework and assignments, but at the end of the day, I am someone who does not doubt my abilities and know that I will complete all work with my best efforts
  • This result also depicts my passion for science because I am someone who would like to find a career in the medical field in which I can analyze data and do experiments


Personality and career assessments are an effective method to analyze who you are and help you plan out your career in the future. It is important that your future career suits your personality and ideally fit with your personality and outlooks. During this unit, we conducted several personality tests, which helped us learn who we are. In this reflection, I will be talking about which test was the most accurate in helping me determine what you want to do and why? Which test was least helpful and why? Describe four of my strengths and give an example for each. Describe four of my weaknesses and give an example for each. This reflection includes my overall thoughts about the results depicted in this unit.

To start off, I believe that my Blueprint compatibility and occupation test was the most accurate test which will help me secure and prepare for my academic plans in the future. The test depicted that my top 3 career matches were all in the medical career, with results all over 87%. This also relates to the results of my knowledge test, which portrayed that I am an individual who is academically strong in Science. These results are and will definitely help me determine my future plans. These results were very helpful for me because they will encourage and motivate me to work towards my career goal. These results have also told me that I am working towards the right goal, and the medical field is something I will enjoy working in and am compatible with.

Secondly, the True Colors test was a personality test which was not much helpful in determining who I am. The True Colors test was very confusing as it depicted very opposite results in determining my personality. On one hand, the test portrayed that I was a "gold" person. Someone who reflects a ‘gold’ personality is very responsible, efficient, obedient, punctual, organized, dependable, and loyal. They like to respect authorities, and prefer order and sequence. I want to make sure the work I submit is organized and something that clearly reflects my hard work, skills, and dedication. On the other hand, my other result was blue. People who reflect ‘blue’ personalities are people who tend to make relationships their first priority. They are people who value people’s emotions and like to see and analyze all aspects of an issue. Although the True Colors test portrayed accurate results, the results were very confusing and not helpful regarding my academic future career.

I am also someone who has a lot of strengths which have helped me throughout my life and will also help me in the future. One of my biggest strengths is my strong work ethic. I have an ability to work under pressure with creativity and superiority. I am someone who knows that I can complete my best work, no matter what the circumstances are. This strength of mine is something that comes in extremely handy when you are a procrastinator. I am someone who tends to put off my work to last minute, which creates a lot of pressure. This strength is definitely something that comes to the rescue when you've got to finish 3 major summatives in just 2 days, which is what is happening to me right now! I know that rushing work often results in bad quality work, but this is one of my strengths. I will go without eating, but my work will be done and it will be awesome 4+ quality work. Another one of my strengths is my sense of creativity. I am someone who likes to go over and beyond the expectations. I like to implement creative language or aspects into my work to make it seem more appealing and fun. For example, this assignment. I tried to incorporate in fun aspects of my life which make my assignment look appealing and creative. The pictures and explanations I added in this assignment incorporate the use of creative language and pictures. Another one of my strengths is my positivity. I mentioned this quality of mine several times above. "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade." This quote reminds us that a positive attitude can make the worst situations better. A positive attitude can help you maintain the mental energy you need to function well in all aspects of life. I like to focus on one's qualities rather than their flaws. I exercise this strength several times at school. I remember one time in grade 9 we were put into groups to work on a mini English task. We were asked to create a brainstorm chart regarding the issue of racism. One member of our group was not participating in the discussion. I tried to talk to them about how neat and clean their handwriting was. I feel that this encouraged them and made them feel much more participated in the task. Lastly, another one of my strengths is problem-solving. I love taking a problem and looking at it from every angle. I enjoy work that challenges me and pushes me to think outside the box. A situation where I utilized my problem-solving skills was when we got a new makeup dresser. The glass in the dresser would not fit into the slots, so my dad tried several different methods to make it fit, but they did not work. I used my prior knowledge of elementary Science class and suggested that we make the glass fit in place by using repelling magnets around the border of the glass. My strengths are very powerful for me because they make me capable of several activities.

As I say, no one is perfect. I may have very powerful and strong abilities, but I am also a human and have several weaknesses. My first weakness is delegation. I am always so concerned about everything being done right and on time. I have a hard time letting a project go or sharing a task with others because I’m always convinced that I can do it all on my own and that asking for help will be taken as a sign of weakness. This has led to me taking on projects that have overwhelmed me and resulted in me being frustrated and angry. This has happened to me in my grade 8 project, where my partner did not want to do any work, and I did not take any action into it or convince them to do the work. On presentation day, I was the one who came to school with all the work done, but I was so exhausted. Another one of my weaknesses is that I am a procrastinator, but I am working on this skill. I use to always tend to put things to last minute than doing it ahead of time, but I feel that I have improved this weakness. Before grade 10, I use to put all my assignments to the last minute, but grade 9 has taught me to work ahead of time. I remember this one assignment for English class where we had to create an effective media advertisement and do a presentation regarding it. I completed the entire assignment the night before, and I was EXHAUSTED. Lastly, another of my minor weaknesses is only focusing on one task. However, this skill is highly improved for me now. Throughout my experience of high school, I have learnt that having multiple projects to work allows me to switch my focus throughout the day so I come up fresh ideas and have a high quality of work. Prior to high school, I use to work only on one task at a time. For example, in grade 6 we did a land regions assignment which consisted of two parts; a poster and a presentation. I did the poster but did not think about the presentation until the night before the assignment. My weaknesses are some aspects which I would like to work on so I can improve my overall quality of work.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed this "All About Me" unit and the "Me Project" , because it gave me a chance to look at who I am. It was a unit of self-discovery, which I really like. I got the opportunity to look at what type of a person I am, my cherishable memories, the special people in my life, my strengths, and my weaknesses. This unit gave me a chance to see my good qualities and will definelty help me improve on my bad ones.

Till next time everyone!