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Data Analyst On the Job Training

Data Analyst On the Job Training
District 1199C Training and Upgrading Fund


The District 1199C Training & Upgrading Fund has been awarded a 4-year, $4 million federal grant for on-the-job-training (OJT) and placement for specific highly needed positions including Data Analysts.

Employers: Employers receive up to 50% wage reimbursement for Data Analysts. This allows employers to devote additional resources to analytics and increase their staffing complements. Since the Training Fund can also help identify candidates for the grant, we help connect potential job candidates with employers!

Candidates: Candidates who qualify for the grant will receive an opportunity to connect with employers who are hiring Data Analysts and expanding their analytic practices. In addition to the On The Job Training (OJT) provided by the employer and subsidized by the grant, candidates may also receive educational enrichment. Furthermore, you may be eligible for additional continuing education opportunities once you complete on the job training with your employer. You are also be eligible for the Training Fund’s career coaching and community benefits.

Personal Career Coaching: Your Career Coach can help you stay up to date on new information in informatics, learn about resources, provide advice on issues you may have on the job, access the education funds available to you through this grant, or discuss your education options for maximizing your potential.

Training Fund Community Benefits: Free Financial Empowerment

Counseling: One-on-one financial counseling from professionals who can help you with a variety of issues ranging from debt management to building credit.

Benefit Bank: This free web-based service provides information and centralizes the application process for state and federal benefits for low and moderate-income individuals and families. Services offered include: Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), Taxes, Home Rebate, Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Medical & Cash Assistance, Prescriptions and Voter’s Registration. Citizens Bank® “Financial Fitness for Your

Finances Classes: Free financial literacy class focused on setting financial goals, managing cash flow, building net worth, understanding insurance and investment, and making credit work for you.

Free Tax Preparation: As a federally designated Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) site, our IRS certified volunteers prepare your taxes at absolutely no cost to you. Our tax site offers e-file and paper returns (federal and state), direct deposit, FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and public benefits applications and access to fairly priced financial products.

Job Description:

Data Analytics has become one of the most sought after and difficult to fill positions for employers. A CNBC Data Economy special report declared “The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century: Data Analyst”.

Employers are experiencing difficulty in finding truly qualified Data Analysts and Scientists. Hortonworks notes “It's probably the biggest imbalance of supply and demand that I've ever seen in my career. ... The talent pool is, at best, probably 20 percent of the demand." Gartner noted, “…only one-third of the IT jobs will be filled. Data experts will be a scarce, valuable commodity….”.

McKinsey & Company projects by 2018 there will be “a shortfall of between 140,000 and 190,000 "deep analytical" big data professionals…the actual hands-on big data people that know how to crunch huge data sets into meaningful information.”

More importantly, while some universities offer programs with a big data focus, those students will not be entering the workforce for several years. Some labor experts say that could be too long, given the deluge of big data opportunities now as well as on the near-term horizon.

A recent Gartner healthcare big data analysis revealed that while healthcare firms realize the need for investing in data analysis and big data projects, only 50% of respondents had invested by 2014, and 10 % plan to invest within one to two years.

The ability to do so will be severely limited by the lack of skilled staff. The Training Fund is committed to partnering with its membership and the healthcare industry by helping workers develop the skills needed to adapt to constantly evolving job requirements, train incumbent workers to enable career advancement, help un- or underemployed workers enter the healthcare field, and link skilled workers with high-demand occupations.

Required Qualifications:

The Delaware Valley Healthcare Training & Employment Project (DVHTE) was awarded to help the long term unemployed and underemployed (working at a job beneath the person’s credentials/experience, or fewer hours than full time, or without benefits), who are often talented people affected by the Great Recession. You may qualify for the grant if you meet either of these criteria: Experienced a period of unemployment or underemployment of at least 27 consecutive weeks ANY TIME from 12/01/2007 to present AND are currently unemployed or underemployed. Currently underemployed for less than 27 weeks.

Instructions for Resume Submission:

Please submit your resume including a cover letter describing how you meet the qualifications for the grant in terms of period of time of unemployment or underemployment to Cindy Marselis at