The power of MANIFESTING

My 2013 Vision Board vs. My 2013 Reality

Hey friends!

I want to visually show you the power of manifestation and why vision boarding and income planning is SO important! Check out the vision board I created January of 2013. Then I'm going to show you in pictures how closely I MANIFESTED almost every single item on that board! This includes intangibles like love, family, new memories and friendships.

Plus I'll even give you a sneak peek at my pinterest vision board I'm creating for this year!

If its hard to see I'll tell you what is there: A king size mattress, a baby bump, a sectional couch, a diamong ring, a baby room decorated, a new car and a million dollar home on the water and one line that says marriage

Below you'll see what I manifested through a variety of means. Specifically, some things were gifted, some I purchased myself. If manifesting sounds very "woo-woo" to you and you're not sure how it will work for you then I encourage you to learn the science and power of it on this upcoming training:

A diamond ring!

A little back story on this one..

If you look closely at my vision board, this ring actually looks EXACTLY like the one I got! However, I was dead set on a totally different ring. I swear I showed it to my now husband a thousand times!

I created this vision board at a vision boarding event and used the magazines provided to me. I chose this ring arbitrarily.

And he never even saw this vision board that I put up in my office. But he, completely on his own, went and bought this ring instead of the other one. Naturally, I think its absolutely beautiful and no longer care about the other one, but how uncanny that he chose this very ring!! Be careful for what you wish for. And be specific!


In less than 3 weeks we planned our shot-gun wedding. March 30, 2013. :)

A baby bump!

Now this one I "actively" manifested, if you know what I mean!

And here's that brown sectional from the visionboard! A friend no longer wanted it!

again, be VERY specific. I actually wanted a different color! But hey, I'm happy the power of vision boarding worked so brilliantly!

A new car

While it is not the SUV I posted on my vision board, after test driving it and looking into my options, I traded in my Mercedes for this brand new 2013 Honda accord and I'm enjoying the financial savings!

Ahhhhh. The king size bed!

For Valentine's day my sweetheart bought me a king size bed. That made my 9.5 months of pregnancy much more bearable!

A baby room all decorated.

We feel extremely blessed that about 90% of this room came together as a result of gifts from family and friends. I'm feeling so much appreciation for all the generosity and support during my pregnancy. Now if only we can get Etta to sleep in there!

Last but not least: A million dollar home on the water.......

This was the only thing on my 2013 vision board that has not come to fruition.....YET! Stay tuned and join me in creating your 2014 vision and making this year the best ever. For all the details please visit:

One year from today you'll look back at your vision board and see how many things are truly possible when you put planning PLUS the power of intention to work for you. My favorite quote goes something like this:

"A year from now, you'll wish you started today."

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