Mrs. Sharkey's Class News

Important Updates and Information

Mrs. Avery

Hello Forest Glen Families!

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I have enjoyed working together with you and your child over the past 3 months. This is a wonderful group of students who have truly made each day, a special day, for me. I will miss all of their smiling faces that greeted me each and every morning!

I will be in the classroom on Monday and Tuesday and there will be a substitute teacher on Wednesday. Sarah Sharkey's first day back will be Thursday, March 17th.

Have a wonderful rest of the school year in Kindergarten! I will be sure to stop by the classroom and say hello to the class when I am working in the building.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity! I hope you and your families have a relaxing and enjoyable spring break!

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Weather Presentation short video:

Link to video:

Also, please note that we will be on the Action 2 News This Morning on Monday, March 14, 2016.

Here are the times the kids will be seen on WBAY on Monday, 3/14/16:
4:55am, 5:25am, 5:55am and 6:25am.

What We're Learning


Students continue to use the Daily 5 check-in chart to choose their daily rotations. I am meeting with guided reading groups during each round. This week's guided reading sessions focused on changing a sound in a word to make a new word. Students segmented each sound and blended the sounds to make the new word.

We read the stories, Franklin and the Thunderstorm and Clever Tom and the Leprechaun. Students completed the story elements for Franklin and the Thunderstorm.

Your child should have a leveled reading book in their book bag to practice reading at home. Please be sure this book is brought back to school each day, as we will continue to use it throughout the week.

The word work focus for this week was the digraph 'wh.' We created a poster of words that contain the 'wh' sound. As students are reading, they are working hard to find words that include this sound.

Word Sort:

-'h,' -'sh,' -'ch'

Please be sure your child reads their sight word book to you during the week. Students will earn a Timbertail Token for returning the book with 3 signatures! This book will become part of their read to self book box.

Word of the Week: has


In Writer's Workshop, we are focusing on informational writing. Students are gaining an understanding of writing how-to books that focus on teaching something they already know how to do to others.

This week we focused on:

  • reviewing informational writing - tells what to do-in steps, numbers the steps, and has a picture for each step.
  • modeling and practicing with partners how to touch and tell each page of our how-to books.
  • asking questions and giving feedback to our partners - do the steps make sense?

Students chose a topic and began writing their how-to book.


Our focus this week has been on:

  • addition equations.
  • finding the partners to complete an addition equation.
  • writing addition equations.
  • addition and subtraction review.


Our focus this week has been on:

  • what is a meteorologist - predicts and forecasts the weather.

We also read, Froggy the Forecaster and discussed different weather predictions. The students then took on the role of being a meteorologist and made a weather prediction for our hallway bulletin board display.

We also read, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and created a class book.


-Congratulations to the Interest Fair participants!! We were able to walk through the Interest Fair on Thursday afternoon. All of the students did a great job on their projects!

-The weather presentation by meteorologist, Steve Beylon from WBAY 2 news was a great one! He shared a lot of weather related information with the kids, including a video of storm chasers who follow tornadoes! Be sure to tune in on Monday morning at 4:55, 5:25, 5:55 and 6:25 to see our Kindergartners on TV!!

Schedules and Class Calendar

March Class Calendar

The calendar has students listed who may bring one item for show and tell on Fridays. I will rotate through 4 students every Friday that we have a full day of school. Please make sure you are comfortable sending the item to school. Please label the item with the student's name. Thank you!

The calendar also has a student listed on Monday as the, "Star of the Week." I will send home the forms that need to be completed and brought back to school on the Monday that the student is assigned, "Star of the Week."

Star of the Week

March Lunch Menu

**Spring Break: Monday, March 21st - Monday, March 28th.


As your child's birthday approaches, please contact me if you are interested in sending a treat to school.

If your child has a summer birthday, please contact me to let me know when you would like to celebrate and I will check to see if that day works for us!


Please send a healthy afternoon snack to school with your child each day.

Please send crackers/pretzels that we may use as a classroom snack in the morning. Thank you!

Gym Shoes

Please remember to send shoes for gym class. We have gym on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Pick Up Routines

If your pick up routine changes (either permanently or just for the day), please email myself and include This way, if I am absent, the sub will know as well. Thank you!