Bogangar Public School Update

Where are we now? Where are we heading?

The halfway point of our management plan: July 2013

As a result of the Situational Analysis completed at the end of 2011, the management plan focuses on 3 areas for improvement in 2012 - 2014. These are feedback, writing and the Solving the Jigsaw program. We have three management groups Quality Teaching, Student Learning and Student Welfare that oversee these respective areas. All of these areas are underpinned by a Leadership action plan, promoting shared leadership in our school.


Feedback is one of the most powerful influences on learning and achievement, but its influence can be either positive or negative. (Hattie et al 2007)


Teachers have engaged in PL sessions about feedback, the research on its effectiveness and its use in the classroom.

By end of 2012, school developed a Feedback Policy

WALT and WILF introduced into all classrooms

57% of students indicated that feedback is provided ( SPS Nov 2012)


Feedback linked to TARS expectations and process

Enact feedback policy

Support implementation of feedback with PL ( eg Langford Term 2 all teachers)


2013 Target: All students to improve at one cluster level between Term 1 and Term 4 2013

  • Measuring Progress ( Visible Learning) All tchrs use the writing continuum to monitor student progress
  • Tchrs produce an A sample of the genre they are teaching - shared in newsletters and on assemblies
  • 7 Steps to Writing program - teachers trained
  • The use of capacity matrixes for students to self assess using success criteria (David Langford & Visible Learning)
  • Generic writing assessment tools produced in line with new syllabus documents.

Student Welfare: Solving the Jigsaw

Solving the Jigsaw is a multi-award winning early intervention and violence prevention program that works to reduce the incidence and impact of violence and bullying in children’s lives.


  • Student welfare management group researched to find a program that would address the issues raised in the situational analysis eg Bullying concerns, bystander behaviour, lack of behaviour improvement
  • 3 teachers trained (9 days) in Jigsaw
  • SDD : Staff training in Jigsaw


  • Commenced implementation in the classrooms with the guidance of a Jigsaw facilitator one day/week.
  • After 5 weeks - T and D staff mtg held to review progress
  • Facilitator was funded by P&C term 1, Fundraising Term 2 ( Woolworths) and funding has been secured from the Centre for Non Violence in Victoria for Semester 2.