Room 18 News

13 May 2016

Upcoming Dates

May 13th: Field Trip to the Lilly Library and Dunn Meadow

Monday May 23rd: Class Lunch

Tuesday May 24th: Last Student Day
Tuesday May 24th: Field Day
May 24th Report Cards come home with students
August 10th Second Grade Begins!

Our Week

Dear Parents,

Another awesome week in first grade! The weather couldn't have been better for our field trip! It was an awesome day. Thank you to all who helped! We couldn't do it without you!

In Math, we have been working hard to expand our understanding of fractions. We do very well when presented with a picture of a square divided in to four parts with three parts shaded. We have no problem saying three out of four or 3/4ths are shaded. Problems that divide groups are a little trickier for us.

For example: There are 20 guppies. 3/4th of them are spotted. How many are spotted? We’re working to learn how many groups do we need to divide our guppies into? How many in each group? How much is one-fourth? How much is two-fourths? As well as learning different ways to write our answers such as 3/4 of 20= 15 guppies. And so on. We continue to practice the different ways in which we can add on the number grid. We know that one hop across is the same as adding one. We know that when we take one hop down, it is the same as adding ten. We are working to accurately put these two together. So that 25 + 43 means that we start at 25, take four hops down and three across to land at 68.

We are working on making a First Grade Memory book. We have generated a number of different topics we think we’d like to put in our books. We’re working together to brainstorm ideas for each topic. We’re reviewing writing a paragraph: a group of sentences that go together because they are about the same topic. It begins with an indented topic sentence and ends with a sentence that sums up the big idea of the paragraph. Then, each student is writing their own rough draft about our different topics: friends, classroom, special areas, teacher, first memories and so on. After proof reading and editing our ‘sloppy copy’, students are writing their paragraphs in their books.

We started an investigation into maps. We began by reading the book Me on the Map and learning about the expression ‘bird’s eye view’. We learned about some different parts of a map: compass rose, legend or key, and inset. We looked at physical maps and political maps while we work to develop our understanding of continent and country. We map of our own using fairy tale characters. We read the book The Bottom of the Sea and made a very snappy map of the physical features found in the ocean: continental shelf, continental slope, seamount, trench, ocean floor and guyot.

On Monday, May 23rd, we will have our class party. We will be eating a pizza lunch in our classroom on Monday. If your child does not want to eat pizza, they may bring their lunch or get a tray from the cafeteria to eat in the classroom.

Tuesday May 24th is Field Day. We could still use some volunteers to help us run the stations. If you are available for Tuesday morning to help, please contact the office. We will be outside from 9:00 to 11:00 (ish). Sunscreen and appropriate footwear for running and games are good ideas.

Have a great weekend!

Laura B.