Wildcat Weekly

Week of September 25

THE BIG 4: Targets for 2017-2018

  • Instructional Technology
  • Personalized Learning
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Making Connections

PD Offerings This Week:

September 25- SLO Goal Training during Planning (No session 5th)

September 26- Google Certification in the MC at 4:00

September 27- Inclusion Training 4:00 in C109

September 27- 4:00 Make-Up SLO Goal Training for those who did not go Monday C109


Connections Notes for ALL Levels:

Progress reports went home September 21, so it's time to bond with your students about grades and attendance. Document meetings in your notes (nothing formal).

The class may work on outside assignments while you have conferences with individual students.

9th-12th Connections- Review Homecoming Week and dress days with the students. Use the link to the HOMECOMING WEEK CALENDAR.


10th Grade: Have students work in pairs on practice PSAT items. The link is below labeled PSAT practice items.

You may present any lessons from previous sessions you may have skipped OR access the Padlet for ideas. The link is below:


Homecoming Connections Instructions

Envelopes will be placed in teacher boxes on Tuesday, 9/26. Voting will take place during Connections Classes on Wednesday, 9/27.

All ballots should be put back into envelope and the TEACHER is to place the sealed envelope in the HOMECOMING BALLOT BOX in the faculty mailroom by Wednesday afternoon before departing campus.

Please instruct your students to vote for people from their class (Freshmen only vote Freshmen, only Juniors vote Juniors, etc.).

EVERY student will vote for the Homecoming King and Queen. So all underclassmen will cast 2 votes on one ballot. Seniors will only vote for King and Queen.

If a ballot is incorrectly filled out, it will be discarded and not counted.



Important Dates This Week:

PLCs This Week

September 25- SLO Goal Training during Planning (No session 5th)

September 26- Google Certification in the MC at 4:00

September 27- Inclusion Training 4:00 in C109

September 27- 4:00 Make-Up SLO Goal Training for those who did not go Monday C109

September 28- Robinson's Diaper Shower 4:00

September 29- Black Out

Coming Soon:

October 4- Department Chair Meeting 7:45

October 5- Calculator PD for Math Teachers w Wilkie (The fancy calculators)

October 6- Pep Rally- Morning Activity Schedule

District News:

Removal of Personal Appliances in Buildings - Greenville County Schools’ Energy Management Policy states that certain energy-consuming items are not to be utilized in our facilities. Unfortunately, it has come to the attention of District Administration and the Energy Management Department that many of these non-compliant items are finding their way back into our buildings. This is a reminder that all personal appliances need to be removed from your building immediately.

Open Enrollment for Insurance Coverage (through October 31, 2017) – Open Enrollment will begin at locations throughout the district on 09/18/2017. Scheduling information for Open Enrollment meetings has been sent to each school/location. Due to Affordable Care Act compliance, all eligible employees, including new hires and working retirees, must attend a meeting with a Ward Services counselor to document the offer of health insurance coverage. To prepare for your individual meeting, click HERE for the Open Enrollment Highlights document. Ward Services has also prepared a video overview. Click HERE to view the open enrollment video, click on the red box, “Click here to learn all about the benefits available to you.” Click on the drop down arrow, click on Greenville and click submit to start the video. Click HERE for the PEBA 2018 Insurance Summary.

SmartFind System - If you are having issues logging into the SmartFind System you need to “register” and reset your password. To register call 864-422-2300 (corrected phone number). When asked for your Access ID enter your GCS employee number and then the * key. Then enter your PIN # - your employee number and the * key. Record your name and hit * key. Enter 1 to accept or 2 to re-record name. System will state your location and job classification. ENTER A NEW SIX DIGIT PIN NUMBER AND HIT * KEY. Enter 1 to accept or 2 to enter a different PIN #. Hit 9 to exit the system. .

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"Woodmont High is committed to providing educational experiences that prepare its students to be productive citizens of the 21st Century. Our school motto-Scientia est Potentia (Knowledge is Power)-serves as a constant reminder of our mission to prepare students for the challenges of adulthood."